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Around the Leagues

England Conference:
Men: Harleston are relegated to East.
Women: Ipswich are relegated to East.

East Premier Divisions:

Men: Wapping are East Champions.
Women: West Herts are East Champions.

County Premier Leagues:

Essex: Southend & Benfleet are champions.
Five Counties: Shefford and Sandy are Champions.
Kent: Gore Court are champions.
Norfolk: Harleston 4th are Champions.
Suffolk: Ipswich 3rd are Champions.

East Region HA News

League fixtures 
Draft fixtures are now fully uploaded. There will be a short period for typos etc to be corrected, after which the fixtures will be declared as final. Any comments to the East League Secretary please.
Update: EML Division 7NE revised.
For news on further updates see the East League home page.

East Handbook Club Section 
The Club Section has been created from the Club database as at 3pm 15th July. If you make any significant changes in the database after this, please advise the east webmaster. However, once the Editor has set the copy, no further changes will be possible.

Club information updates 
Just three clubs missed the deadline. Many thanks to all the others for providing prompt updates - much appreciated.

Club updates 
East League Clubs are reminded that they must update their officer details on this website before the end of June. The following clubs are yet to do this, and they need to act now to avoid a 50% increase in their league fees:
Ford, Maldon, North Norfolk.

East Handbook cover 
With the new season rapidly approaching it's time to submit your photo of the season. The handbook front page is the much coveted chance for your hockey playing skills to be shared with all of the East. So please send your submission for this season's handbook to


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