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England Over 35 trials: Sorry for the late posting, we have only received this this evening.
England Hockey are inviting anyone who will be 35 to 39 on or before the 31 December 2018 to apply for a trial to represent England Women’s/Men's O35s teams. The first trial will be held in the Midlands on December 17th 2017. Further trials are scheduled for 20th/21st January and 31st March/1st April 2018. Players wishing to be considered should send their contact name, address, relevant tel numbers, e mail address, preferred playing position, their Hockey Club and details of any representative honours; via e mail to: Steve Floyd - masters@englandhockey.co.uk. In addition, nominees should provide the contact information (mobile no and E mail) for one referee, who may be contacted.


Appointment of Club Umpires: We have received concerning news from clubs where away teams in lower League Divisions are turning up to games assuming the home team are going to provide both umpires. The rules are very clear that where ERHUA or County HUA umpires are not appointed that "Clubs must supply their own umpires."
By mutual agreement it is acceptable for the home club to supply two umpires. However there will be cases where either the home side or the away side do not wish the home team to supply both umpires and the League rules respect this.
Good practice says it is important that during the week before any game the away team is clear of the umpiring arrangements at any game. Travelling teams should not automatically assume the home team has agreed to supply both umpires, where it does happen and it can be proved that no mutual agreement is in place the away team can assume that a heavy penalty may well follow.


Umpires are a magical thing: Last weekend we experienced our first games postponed due to weather and we have had some other games postponed due to clubs indoor commitments.
This message goes out to clubs who have teams who are lucky enough to receive appointed officials from either the ERHUA or the various County HUA's.
The process of appointing umpires is relatively simple when the appointment secretary's know the dates of games, in the usual run-of-the-mill season the dates of the League season are known well in advance, however dates of re-arranged games are not. Therefore it is important if a game is postponed, once the date of the re-arranged game has been agreed it is the home clubs responsibility to contact the relevant Appointment Secretary to notify them of the date and then make sure that the appointed umpires are contacted before 9pm of the Tuesday before the game to make sure they arrive on the right day, at the right venue, at the right time.


Bad weather - start to think: Up here in North Cambridgeshire it snowed last night, not a lot but in certain area's the snow settled and with clear skies this morning it has frozen.
The forecast is that today and tomorrow it will warm up slightly so we anticipate that the pitches will defrost and be playable tomorrow, but...........
All clubs will know their local pitches and local geography so please start to prepare for tomorrow. We ask you all to think about whether you have any concerns on the pitch defrosting. Think about who you are playing against tomorrow, the distance they will travel, with that knowledge think about what time you will need to carry out your pitch inspection(s). If you are the away team think about the contact details your opposing clubs have, are they enough? Your Fixture Secretary's are busy people and most also play/umpire/coach, so do you need to provide additional contacts. If you have pool appointed umpires think about them and make sure that they are also contacted as early as possible. Lastly contact your League Manager to ensure that they are aware the game is off. Hopefully your game will be played without trouble or concern but this is good advice that will remain true not only for this weekend, but the whole season and next season too.


It's Tuesday night: Do you have umpires appointed by either the East Region Hockey Umpires Association (ERHUA) or the County Hockey Umpires Associations? Are you playing at home this weekend? If the answer to both questions is yes then the deadline to confirm your umpires is 9pm tonight! Don't forget because if you do the Umpire Associations may appoint the umpires elsewhere or the umpires may decide to do something other than umpire.


England Hockey Affiliation: A massive response from East League clubs in ensuring their England Hockey Affiliation has been paid, well done. Just the stragglers now with 3 days left. Just a reminder, on this subject we are acting as a message provider for England Hockey, if you have any queries you should contact Joe Daniel at England Hockey, his number 01628 895081. The clubs still to pay are: Canterbury, Luton Town, Norwich City, Sevenoaks, Tower Hamlets and Wellingborough. Please remember if you have seen this and your club is listed do not assume other members in your club have seen it. Do speak to senior members to your club to ensure as many people in your club know about this payment being outstanding. It's better that the senior members get lots of reminders then none you lose all of your hard earned League points.


Romford 3 and Rickmansworth 4 withdraw from EML: Over the last weekend both Romford 3 and Rickmansworth 4 conceded their 4th games and are therefore withdrawn from their respective East Men's League divisions. Both teams will try, where possible, to play their fixtures as friendlies. We hope to see both teams back in the League in the near future.


East webmaster email: Use op131@btinternet.com not eastwebmaster@btinternet.com please. Most links on the website have been updated accordingly.


Graham Ward: Please note that the memorial service is slightly earlier than previously announced, and is at 1.00pm

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Around the leagues 2 Dec. (Dec 9th wiped out by weather)

EHL Conference

Mens East:  In winter break until February.

Womens East: In winter break until February.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: No change at the top as leaders Southend beat Chelmsford 6-0 and chasers Wapping beat Maldon 1-0 to stay a couple of points behind.
Five Counties: Leighton Buzzard stay top after a 4-4 draw with Stortford while a 3-1 win over West Herts moves Blueharts to second by a point. Welwyn, Hertford, and Stortford are all tied just a couple of points further back.
Kent: Bexleyheath stay top following a 4-0 win over Brom & Becks, while Blackheath are a couple of points behind after a 6-0 win over Sevenoaks. Kings Alleyn lose a little ground by drawing 1-1 with Old Bordenian.
Norfolk: Norwich Dragons 3rds stay top by beating Norwich City 4ths 6-0. Broadland are second by a couple of points after a 4-0 win over UEA.
Suffolk: Harwich & Dovercourt stay 6 points clear after beating Sudbury 12-1 while chasers Felixstowe beat Castaways 3-1. Ipswich 7 did not play.

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