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East Men's and Women's League News

The East Leagues website has been merged with the East Hockey website. Details of changes to page addresses can be found here.


League fixtures: Draft fixtures are now fully uploaded. There will be a short period for typos etc to be corrected, after which the fixtures will be declared as final. Any comments to the East League Secretary please.
Update: EML Division 7NE revised.


East Handbook Club Section: The Club Section has been created from the Club database as at 3pm 15th July. If you make any significant changes in the database after this, please advise the east webmaster. However, once the Editor has set the copy, no further changes will be possible.


Final League Divisions for 2016-17 season: Following the publishing of the proposed League Divisions the final Leagues have been published. We thank all clubs for their questions, comments and requests. Where clubs have issued requests or comments regarding team placements we have helped where we can, but we cannot provide a wider solution to some clubs individual requests. We now need to crack on with finalising the fixtures, which for 40 League Divisions, most with 22 fixtures per team per division is no small job. We hope to have them finished and loaded onto the website over the next week.


Club information updates: Just three clubs missed the deadline. Many thanks to all the others for providing prompt updates - much appreciated.


Club updates: East League Clubs are reminded that they must update their officer details on this website before the end of June. The following clubs are yet to do this, and they need to act now to avoid a 50% increase in their league fees:
Ford, Maldon, North Norfolk.


Divisions 2016-17: Assignments of teams to divisions for the new season are now available as a spreadsheet - follow the link at the top of the Preseason page. Clubs are asked that any comments or questions are submitted by the last day of June. After that time the proposed Leagues will be seen as final and we will start the biggest job of preparing the fixtures.

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Around the leagues
EHL Conference
Mens East:  Harleston are relegated to East.

Womens East: Ipswich are relegated to East.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: Southend & Benfleet are champions.
Five Counties: Shefford and Sandy are Champions.
Kent: Gore Court are champions.
Norfolk: Harleston 4th are Champions.
Suffolk: Ipswich 3rd are Champions.

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