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East Men's and Women's League News


Charity Initiative at Wapping HC: This year Wapping Hockey Club Umpires are running a new charity event throughout the month of October called "L’Ump Month." The aim is to get umpires and members alike raising money for Breast Cancer Care. All umpires taking part will, where possible, be wearing pink and will be asking their own teams (and maybe their opposition too) to donate some (or all!) of their match fees over the month. Players/teams within Wapping can also participate/donate of course by either donating each week or by making a donation at the end of the month.
We wish the club well. Wapping hope that this is a cause that will resonate with a wider audience than just their own club members, so if you want to know more have a look at the Wapping webpage here


6 sleeps to the News Season: So, we have 6 nights to go before the season starts and we know that players are buzzing for it to start. This news item is aimed at Chairs of Selection, Club Captains and Team Captains. Are you ready for the season. Have your captains got official League Teamsheets ready for completion, do they know how to report their results by 7pm on the evening after the game, do they know where the teamsheets need to be posted to and when by. Do they realise that they are responsible for their teams conduct.. Rule 2.2 of the East League rules says that on entering the League they consent to the League rules and that senior members of their club will know the East League rules, in this context Team Captains are senior members of your club. So please make sure that they are aware of their responsibilities.


All League fees are in THANK YOU!!: Thank you, thank you and thank you. All League entry fees have now been paid with just under a week to go before the deadline. This means you can all concentrate on the important jobs that need doing in your club.


Pre-season work to do!!: This news item is written with the aim of making sure each club have these boxes ticked as we approach going into the season. This items below apply to every team. I am sure by now you remember that the season starts on 22nd September.
1) Ensure that your club has paid their League Entry fees for your teams (the deadline is 21st September). There is a news item on this page informing you which clubs are outstanding and there is another news item dated 12th August on how the you can download your invoice so that you can arrange payment).
2) Make sure your captains and vice captains contact details are sent to your League Manager.
3) Make sure your captains and vice captains are briefed on their match day responsibilities in regard to pitchside conduct, managing their players conduct, completion of teamsheets (making sure they are legible!!), results reporting and sending teamsheets to the League Manager. Ensure they are aware of the deadlines.
4) Ensure you have a process for managing transfers both in regard to players coming in to your club and players moving away from the club and make sure you are aware of the League Rules and process concerning this (last season we had a club playing at a surprisingly high level thinking it was ok to bring players in both before and after the transfer deadline and not use the process!).
5) If you are lucky to have umpires appointed by the ERHUA or CHUA the deadline for the home team contacting umpires with details of the game to be played the following Saturday is 9pm on the Tuesday night prior to that game. Please make sure you have a process in place to make sure your club is happy that this will happen from Week 1.
6) In entering the League East League Rule 2.2 says that your club consents to the League Rules and that your clubs senior officers will know the East League rules, so please make sure your senior officers do. Never guess about the rules, if you unsure on anything please speak to Neil Liversedge, as East League Secretary or any League Manager. All are here to support you, to ensure that your season is enjoyable.
Lastly please remember that although we play a competitive sport, we must ensure all involved enjoy the game. Umpires (who are dwindling in numbers) will umpire the game to the best of their ability with the aim of making sure the game is safe and enjoyed. Umpires will get some decisions right and some decisions wrong (just as players will get some passes or shots right and some passes or shots wrong!). Umpires are volunteers, they do the job to ensure you can play! They are not fair game for negative comments from either players, coach's, team managers or people watching from the sidelines during the game or directly after. It is up to club committees, team captains, coach's and managers to ensure that our umpires are supported and their work promoted. The League Management Committee will expect clubs to have processes in place to ensure dissent towards umpires is managed and will investigate any case of persistent umpire abuse.


News item from England Hockey: I have received the following from Stephen Barlow, Competitions Manager at England Hockey.
England Hockey Championships,
The initial deadline for entry into the Adult Championships, Tier 1 to Tier 4 is 31 August however we will be extending that. These are the successors to the Cup. Trophy, Vase competitions. They offer club teams from 1st XIs to 10th XIs to progress in a national competition. We also run Championships for Masters and Junior teams. For details see here


Time to download and pay your East League Entry fees: A short note to notify all clubs that they can now download their East League Entry fee invoice and then pay it!!!! How do you download the invoice? Go to the pre-season tab to the left of this message. On the pre-season action page the second paragraph is listed Pay East League Fees, click on the link. You will need to enter your clubs password and then pop in who is accessing the page, then download and print the invoice and details of how you pay are given actually on the invoice. The deadline is Friday 21st September, payments not received by this time will mean that a clubsteams are not entered into the League and all teams associated with that club will be shown as losing their games 5-0. Lastly, an appeal, traditionally the last week before the deadline we chase payment from around 30% of the teams, please this season DO NOT be a club leaving it to the last minute.

see older news here

Around the leagues 7-8 Apr.

EHL Conference

Mens East:  Season finished. Cambs City are highest placed East side at 5th. West Herts are relegated.

Womens East: Season finished. Sevenoaks are highest placed East side at 3rd. Chelmsford are relegated.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: Southend are champions elect, with a game to spare.
Five Counties: Leighton Buzzard are champions.
Kent: Kings Alleyns are champions
Norfolk: Norwich Dragons 3rds are champions.
Suffolk: Harwich & Dovercourt are champions elect, with games to spare.

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