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East Men's and Women's League News


GK Workshop at Wapping: "What to coach GKs course" is being held this Sunday 22 October at Wapping HC 13.30 - 16.30. Delivered by top GK coach "Panda" at a reduced cost of £25. Book through EH web page "Find a course" as soon as possible. Further information available from coaching@englandhockey.co.uk


Playing at Bedford, roadworks say you're going to need help: Robert Oakley (robertoakley1@hotmail.com, President of Bedford HC) has sent out a notification of a route they have made on Daft Logic Advanced Google Map Distance Calculator. The route name is "Bedford HC route whilst Ford End Rd bridge one way", with the following message …If you normally travel to Bedford Hockey Club travelling over the Ford End Road railway bridge into Queens Park, this bridge will be one way from 16th October to the 30th November. You will only be able to use the bridge when you leave the hockey club. Below is a link to a plan of the following suggested route: If approaching from the south and using Prebend Street continue using the A5141 (Midland Road into Ashburnham Road) - (first exit at the roundabout is to the closed Ford End Road, second exit is Midland Road). At top of Ashburnham Road take first left at round about on to A4280 (Bromham Road) cross bridge over rail track and take first left after only 200 yards into Hurst Grove, follow down to the end of that road and turn right and rejoin Ford End Road. Suggest you allow an extra 10 minutes journey time in the daytime (only 2/3 minutes detour at night). Apologies and thank you. To see this route click on the below link.



Sad News - Harlow HC withdraw from the League: We have received the sad news that Harlow HC has had to withdraw from the League due to lack of players. The club and the League Manager have committed to informing their fellow League clubs so pitches and teas can be cancelled.


Warming up at Colchester Garrison: As clubs who play against Colchester HC will be aware they use the facilities within the Colchester Garrison sports complex. They have recently had a major refurbishment of the athletics track which adjoins the astro. Unfortunately teams have been using the track to warm up and clubs playing at the Garrison in future have been asked to stop. The club appreciate that a message on here is not necessarily the best deterrent, the League are happy to help in trying to make sure the Club continues to play at the Garrison for many years to come.


Facilities at Felixstowe: We have received word from Felixstowe HC, as they are having problems with their facilities provider at Felixstowe Academy in that they are having some problems getting hot water through the showers, so have very limited changing facilities at the moment. The club are doing everything they can to get the situation resolved and they will wanted to apologise to clubs and want to assure everyone that the water will be sorted as soon as possible.


Good practice from clubs concerning Bench Players and Selection Rules: The East League Management Committee held their first meeting of the season last week, some very good practice was being used by clubs regarding contacting either the East League Secretary or League Managers when they were unsure on League Rules. Really well done to those clubs, to other clubs if you are unsure of a rule or are looking to do something out of the ordinary contact your League Manager first to make sure you know exactly whether you are doing the right thing.


East League Secretary is not the ERHA Secretary and vice versa: Clubs are reminded that if you have any concerns about anything League related and you want to speak to the League Secretary make sure you get the right person. Neil Liversedge is the East League Secretary and his contact details are given on the League Home Page (this page) if you click the League Management tab on the left handside. John Hendy is East Region Secretary and although he will politely note your concern he will not be able to give you a response on League matters and this may delay you getting a response to your query.


League Managers: Some clubs seem to have not swotted up on who their League Managers are. This information is given at the bottom of the League Management Committee page on the tab on the left hand side of this page. Their contact details are also given there. The League Managers and their divisions are:- East Men's League - Russell Nutter (Prem A and B), Pritpal Sagoo (1,2N&S), Barry Harness (3-5NW), Jade Bloomfield (6NWN/S), David Burt (3-4NE), Richard Malone (5NE, 6NEN/NES), Ali Smyth (3-4SE), Phil Churchman (5-6SE), Marc Lloyd (7-8SE), Chris Perry (9-10SE & 9SW), Richard Munns (3-4SW), Ed Stubbings (5SW), Sarah Farmer (6,7&8SW).
East Women's League - Shaun Dewing (Prem), Christina Dewing (1N&4NWN), Nicola Wilkes (1S&2SE), Sarah Mann (2NE), Vicky Benedikz (2NW & 2SW), Rosemary Prince (3NW), Kishor Shah (4NWS&5NWS)


Sleep well - good luck tomorrow: Thank you to all clubs for paying their club entry fees. All of us on the East League Management Committee wish everyone good luck. Regardless of results make sure you enjoy your season and try to make sure that umpires, club administrators and supporters alike have a positive season.


Sleep well - good luck tomorrow: Thank you to all clubs for paying their club entry fees. All of us on the East League Management Committee wish everyone good luck. Regardless of results make sure you enjoy your season and try to make sure that umpires, club administrators and supporters alike have a positive season.


Respect of Umpires - Think about it please: As this weekend is the first weekend of the new season it is appropriate to issue a reminder to all clubs and players of their conduct towards umpires. Feedback from the ERHUA, County HUA's and club umpires from last season is that dissent was at an all time high both from players and from the sidelines. Put simply this has got to stop. We all know that player within our team who from the first whistle chats to the umpire but we never tell them to be quiet and we all know that guy on the sidelines who think it is a bit of "banter" to shout the odd smart alec comment when a decision goes against our team. As we, including the umpires, are part of the hockey family it is time to bring this behaviour under control. We encourage all clubs to remind their players and supporters of their responsibility under the England Hockey Code of Conduct, and yes it applies to all players and all supporters both before, during and after the game. We can't play the game without umpires, they volunteer to give their time so that we can all play the game and we MUST give all umpires a positive level of support and encouragement. Please remember that, where proved, penalties for umpire abuse from both England Hockey and the East League will always be strong both against the individual and the club concerned so the choice is in your hands, ignore it or play the game to let everyone enjoy it.


Umpire Notification: Does your team receive umpires appointed by either the ERHUA or a County HUA? Are you playing at home this weekend? Has your club confirmed your game details with the umpires for this weekend? If the answer is yes well done. If the answer is no then you should have confirmed the venue and time by the 9pm deadline on Tuesday evening so you are not running late, you are running VERY LATE and you need to ring the umpires now, grovel and hope that they have not either been allocated to another game or decided to do something else this Saturday afternoon.


League Fee's - 1 left!!!!: 1 club left to pay. Thank you every club who has paid, you have made life much easier by taking seriously paying your fees early. For the remaining club its out of our hands now, you have to pay on-line tomorrow. Wellingborough it's you, if you play for them you need to take action tonight or tomorrow to ensure payment is received, if not there will be a 50% increase in your fees, but more importantly you will concede your games 5-0 until the fees are paid.


Royston Ladies 1st X1 withdraw: We have received a call from Royston HC, they report that during a training session last night a majority of the Ladies 1st X1 squad have decided not to play for them this season. The net effect leaves them with a very young club and the jump in standard from their 2nd X1 to their 1st X1 would not be fair, it is felt by the club, either for the remaining players or the opposition. After much deliberation we agree with their request and we hope that once Royston return to their Bassingbourn base, hopefully towards the end of the season, they will recover to the standards of yesteryear. The club have promised that they will contact each of their opposing clubs so that pitches and refreshments can be cancelled.


Change to League Manager: Please note that Sarah Farmer will be the League Manager for EML 6SW not Ed Stubbings as listed on the website. This will be altered shortly.


First game this weekend - have you done things you need to........: We're nearly there, for some it can't come soon enough, for others can we have another couple of weeks. In these final hours have your captains notified their League Manager of their contact details and the details of their vices (so if they do not play they are not disturbed). Can you remember the password so that you can enter your results on-line, if not contact your League Manager. Have you read the League rules so that captains know exactly what is expected of them and lastly do you need a change of colour for the first away game????? If the answer is no to any of the questions make sure you action them now as we expect all clubs to hit the ground running on Saturday!


Clubs dropping out of the League: We have, unfortunately, received notice from clubs that they will have to withdraw teams from the East League this season. In the EWL Skegness 1 and Spalding 4 have dropped out of Div 4NW. Stevenage Men have lost a significant number of players from the middle section of the club and as it is pre-season we have agreed that they may withdraw their 5th X1 from EML 8SW. We are very sorry to see these teams withdraw and hope that over the course of the next few months/years things recover so that we see them re-enter the League.


East League Rules and Deadlines: All pages now updated for the 2017-18 season.

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