Notes of East Menís and Womenís Leagues Annual General Meeting 4th June 2006


Apologies for absence

Alford HC, Crostyx HC, Canterbury HC, Folkestone HC, Norwich City HC, Ipswich HC, Welwyn Garden City HC, Bourne HC


Postal voting:30 postal voting papers were received.


1.Chairmenís welcome

On behalf of the EML and the EWL Russell Nutter welcomed all present.


2.Chairmenís League Reports for 2005-6 season

Issues from England Hockey had assumed some importance during the season.The discussion paper regarding allowing 2nd teams into the EHL had been carefully considered by the League Management Committee, and an opinion that we were not in favour was passed to England Hockey. More recently, the ďSingle System for HockeyĒ proposals had been considered, along with comments from several East clubs, and our strong opposition to this was passed to EH Ė noting that the proposal to ban U16 players from league hockey would take around 30% of teams out of the east Leagues, often with no alternative competition available to them.

Grass pitches would no longer be used by either League with effect from the coming season, a change wanted by the overwhelming majority of clubs.

There had been some disciplinary issues during the season, particularly with regard to behaviour towards umpires, and one Premier A team would be on notice of dismissal from the league should there be any recurrence of bad behaviour next season.Overall however, the number of cards issued compared to previous seasons indicated a modest improvement in attitudes on the field.

The progressive expansion of the EWL to six divisions of 12 teams each would be completed at the end of next season.

The Home Counties Veterans League, consisting exclusively of East clubs, had asked to come into the East League structure, and subject to the AGM agreeing the necessary rule changes, this would be in place next season.

The lack of effort by some clubs to return trophies in time to be engraved for todayís presentation was still a concern, although the introduction of stiff fines had improved the situation a little.This situation had been exacerbated somewhat by a fire in the Chairmanís house, reducing a few trophies to ashes just a few days ago.


3. Election of Officers

The following had been nominated by the League Committees.There were no other nominations.

Chairman:Russell Nutter

Secretary:Trevor Williams

EML League Managers:David Burt, Cliff Gulbis, Barry Harness, Mike Huckerby, Chris Kime, Neil Liversedge, Samantha Menear, Jim Morris, Pritpal Sagoo, Robert Southgate.

EML Results Coordinator:Richard Munns

EWL League Managers:Janet Goody, Sarah Mann, Rosemary Prince

EWL Results Coordinator:Sarah Mann

Budget Officer:Trevor Williams


All present voted in favour.Postal votes were 30:0 in favour.

The Officers as listed were therefore elected.


4. League fees 2004-5 season

The proposed fee for of £12.50 per team (£18.75 for late entries) was agreed by all present and by postal votes 30:0.


5. Amendments to League Rules

The rule amendments proposed by the League Committees were discussed and all present voted in favour.Postal voting showed a majority in favour rule by rule (as detailed below).



Summary of proposed change (Postal vote Y:N)

1. League Management

A number of small changes in wording are made to enable incorporation of an East Menís Veterans League next season.


3.3 Team selection

An error in the wording regarding the doubling up of players is corrected.


4.2 Dates, Start times, and Playing Surfaces

Matches in Divs 2 upwards must start by 3 pmin Nov, Dec, and Jan. This ensures pool umpired games are completed in reasonable light.


4.4 Results

Failure to notify results and mail teamsheets on time to be subject to a point deduction in the EML, not a fine.

(12:4 Ė EML clubs only)

6.1, 6.2League structure, promotions, and relegations.


Rewritten to remove duplications of wording and to improve clarity.


6.3East Womenís League

Changes in promotion/relegation numbers and divisional sizes are made to complete the transition to the structure previously agreed.

(13:0 Ė EWL clubs only)

6.4East Menís League

Changed to allow reductions in promotion and relegation numbers in divisions with ten teams or less.

(13:0 Ė EML clubs only)

8.5Fixture cards

Definition of what constitutes a fixture card moved to a Guideline.Rule 8.5 now simply requires that a card complying with the guidelines be supplied to the Leagues by a set date.


12.East Menís VeteransLeague Rules

The playing and administrative rules of this new league are added.



All the rule amendments were therefore carried.




There being no other business, the meeting was closed in anticipation of the 2005/6 trophy presentations.


Note:As a result of the amendments agreed to rules 1 and 12, the League Management Committee will use its authority under Rule 1.2 to appoint Bob King as East Menís Veterans League Manager at its first meeting.