Notes of East Menís and Womenís Leagues Annual General Meeting 10th June 2007


Apologies for absence

Neil Liversedge, Canterbury HC, Newmarket HC, Romford HC, Upminster HC, Winchmore Hill & Enfield HC, March Town HC, Felixstowe HC


Present:49 persons, representative of 21 clubs.


Postal voting:42 postal voting papers were received, 23 from EML and 19 from EWLclubs.


1.Chairmenís welcome

On behalf of the EML and the EWL Chairman Russell Nutter welcomed all present.


2.Chairmenís League Reports for season

The Chairmen presented a brief review of the 2006/7 season.

Considerable time was spent on considering the implications of a restriction proposed by England Hockey on junior players in senior leagues.A survey of East clubs showed that this would have an adverse effect on Clubs and on the East Leagues, with the loss of around 100 senior teams. A similar later survey by EH confirmed these findings. A ruling by EH that Clubs shall not select U13 players for senior competitions was subsequently published, and we await the outcomes for older junior players with interest.

A statement by ERHA advocating the U13 ruling for East Clubs was published without full discussion by the ERHA Management Committee, leaving the League Chairman considering his position on that Committee.

Disciplinary issues on the pitch have been a growing concern. With over 1100 yellow cards issued in the season, more stringent yellow card bans are now being proposed for next seasonís League Rules.

It should be noted that the downsizing and restructuring of the National League will probably lead to their being more relegations than usual next season, with consequent knock-on effects on our League.

The League Managers continued to work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of both the EWL and the EML, and Bob King joined the Committee as the Manager of our new league, the East Menís Veterans. Unfortunately Mike Huckerby had to retire from the Committee for health reasons, and thanks are due to Mike for the work that he had continued to do during difficult periods.

The League was to receive sponsorship from the new hockey website NE14HOCKEY, at a rate of £1000 per season for the next three seasons, which was gratefully acknowledged.As a result league fees for next season and subsequently would be below the current rate. On that happy note, the Chairman closed his report.


3. Election of Officers

The following had been nominated by the League Committees.There were no other nominations.

Chairman:Russell Nutter

Secretary:Trevor Williams

EML League Managers:David Burt, Cliff Gulbis, Barry Harness, Neil Liversedge, Samantha Menear, Jim Morris, Pritpal Sagoo, Robert Southgate.

EML Results Coordinator:Richard Munns

EMVL League Manager: Bob King

EWL League Managers:Janet Goody, Sarah Mann, Rosemary Prince

EWL Results Coordinator:Sarah Mann

Budget Officer:Samantha Menear


The Officers as listed were therefore elected.


4. League fees 2004-5 season

The proposed fee for of £12.50 per team (£18.75 for late entries) was agreed unanimously.


5. Amendments to League Rules

The rule amendments proposed by the League Committees were discussed. Voting en bloc at the meeting was substantially in favour of all changes, as were the postal votes.All changes were therefore carried.