Notes of the East MenÕs and WomenÕs League Annual General Meeting

Held on 9th June, 2013 at Letchworth Hockey Club


Apologies were received from Luton Town HC, Canterbury HC, Brentwood HC, Folkstone Optimists HC, Maidstone HC, Cambridge University HC, Colchester HC, Sprowston HC, David Roberts (ERHUA), Wapping HC, Yarmouth HC, Saffron Walden HC, Holt Harlequins HC, Panthers HC, St Ives HC, Framlingham HC, Phoenix HC, Spalding HC, Vauxhall HC, Harleston Magpies HC, Haverhill HC, John Hendy (ERHA President), David Burt (League Manager), Cambridge South HC, Waltham Forest HC, University of East Anglia HC, Janet Goody (League Manager), Samantha Menear (League Manager), Pritpal Sagoo (League Manager).

  Presnt: 52 people, representing 37 clubs.


1)      League ChairmanÕs Report

  Chairman Rosemary Prince welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked Letchworth HC for hosting the event once again and for the wonderful buffet that had been provided. She reminded any club that fancies hosting the event to let any committee member know.

 She reflected that it hardly seemed a year since we had last gathered and also reflected on what had made the 2012/13 season stand out. We thought we could all agree the weather was the one thing that made the season a challenge with many fixtures affected, some games being re-arranged, then cancelled and re-arranged again and cancelled and then re-arranged again. Rosemary gave a vote of thanks to all clubs, especially their fixture secretaryÕs for getting the games re-arranged and then played.

  Rosemary also gave a vote of thanks to her team of League Managers, including the 6 new managers who joined the committee. This team managed 35 leagues (28 MenÕs and 7 WomenÕs) and managed all match day problems well.

  Next season will see 4 additional Ladies Leagues with Cambs and Lincs ladies clubs asking if they could join the East League. As with the MenÕs Leagues we will be seeking to keep those divisions as local as possible. The proposed League tables were on display (and will also be send out to the Ladies clubs) for potential feedback. RP was keen to highlight that it was the Cambs and Lincs Leagues that had approached the East League and she did not want anyone to think that the East League was trying to ÒtakeoverÓ County Leagues. However since news of the Lincs and Cambs County Leagues had become common knowledge she had been contacted by several County Leagues who were keen to look at making rules consistent between the East and County Leagues. RP expressed thanks to Jill Warwick, Sally Tippen and Nadine Curtis for their help in the transition of the Cambs and Lincs Leagues into the East League.

  Rosemary moved on to look at what else had marked the season out. She warned clubs that they needed to keep reminding their members about not using social media websites to put down/abuse/insult their opposing clubs/umpires or opposing team members. Both the East Disciplinary Officers and the League Committee have a duty to act if Òinsulting commentsÓ are used and these can be avoided.

  Respect for umpires was another topic that had been raised through the season. Umpires regardless of whether they are appointed by ERHUA/County HUAÕs or clubs are essential for us, at whatever standard, to play the game. We all know umpiring isnÕt an easy job but sometimes the competitive side of people makes the job even harder for umpires, and it is essential that umpires are allowed to enjoy their game. Clubs and captains have a responsibility to set an expectation of behaviours they expect from their players and must have a clear view if someone playing for their club/team does not show respect for the umpire how they will manage that player, whether through substitution, coaching the player or if they consistently disrespect match officials dropping them. It has always been the umpireÕs job to officiate games and we are sure all go out to umpire fairly. RP reminded clubs that they needed to remind their players of this.

  In regard to discipline there was roughly the same number of yellow cards issued as last season, but with an increase in red cards in the MenÕs section. Most were for dissent and this highlights the need for clubs to enforce the purpose of umpires and the need for more respect to be shown their way.

  Next season the League dates have already been published on the League website but Rosemary reminded all that the League season starts on 21st September and runs to 14th December, with a break on 7th December for indoors. The League season starts again on 11th Jan and goes through to 22nd March with a weekÕs break on 22nd Feb. Rosemary paid thanks to Richard Munns, who as Fixtures and Results co-ordinator puts in many hours of time and effort and uses his years of experience to provide sensible advice and guidance to all League Committee members and clubs. Rosemary also paid tribute to League Secretary Neil Liversedge.

  Rosemary highlighted that throughout the season League Officials had to make difficult decisions that sometimes clubs may not like but the decisions made all decisions are made within the context of the League Rules, fair play and for the good of the game. League Officials, like club officials and players do their job for the love of our sport and sometimes that needs to be remembered.

  Rosemary offered her congratulations to both Holcombe and St Albans who would be leaving the East League as Champions to compete in the National League, she congratulated all League Division winners and looked forwards to welcoming all present back to next yearÕs Annual General Meeting.


2.  Election of Officers


The following officers were unanimously voted in to form the East League Management Committee:



Rosemary Prince


Neil Liversedge

EML League Managers:

David Burt, Barry Harness, Nick Hoyle, Russell Nutter, Pritpal Sagoo, Andrew Barlow, Henry Wanchoo, Richard Malone, Chris Perry, Sarah Farmer, James Sheppard, Ali Smyth, Kishor Shah, Christine Dewing, Phil Maddison.

EML Results and Fixtures Co-ordinator:

Richard Munns

EWL League Managers:

Janet Goody, Sarah Mann, Samantha Menear, Rosemary Prince, Nicola Wilkes

EWL Results Co-ordinator:

Sarah Mann

Budget Officer:

Andrew Barlow




3.  League Fees for the 2012/13 season

  The fee was proposed to remain unchanged at £12.50 per team (£18.50 for late entries) was agreed unanimously.

4.       Amendments to Rules

  Four rule changes were proposed.

  Rule 3.2 was a change of wording to Paragraph 2, to bring the East League Rules into line with the National League, stating that clubs with registered players (EML and EWL Premier Divisions) may only have one eligible overseas player registered at a time, rather than only one player registered per season. This rule change was agreed.

  Rule 4.3.1 proposed a change to the way games in cancelled matches are re-arranged. Games from the 1st half of the season would be re-arranged to be played by the 2nd Sunday after the start of the 2nd half of the season and that any postponed games in the 2nd half of the season must be played by the second Sunday after the last fixture date. After some clarification questions the rule change was agreed.

  Rule 5.2, proposed by Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpires Association looked to change the level at which Candidate Level 1 umpires (Probationers) could have their assessment game at and applied conditions on the clubs looking to have their umpires assessed. This rule change was agreed.

  Rule 7.4, the Rule change looked to change the amount of deposit that should be submitted by clubs when confirming their wish to appeal a decision of a League Manager, East League Secretary or the East League Management Committee from £100 to £120. This was to reflect the real cost of holding an appeal hearing. This rule change was agreed.

5.      Any other business

  There were no written questions, therefore the Chairman offered to take questions from the floor.

  A question was raised by Blueharts about the need for a handbook. After a brief discussion it was agreed that it was, however it was noted that Trevor Williams had canvassed clubs already about the amount of handbooks each club needed.

  With no further questions the meeting closed and the presentation of trophies to Divisional Winners took place. There was 100% attendance from all clubs that had won a League winnerÕs trophy.