Notes of the East MenÕs and WomenÕs League Annual General Meeting

Held on 7th June, 2015 at Letchworth Hockey Club

Apologies were received from: Trevor Williams (ERHA Treasurer), Ali Smyth (League Manager), Chris Perry (League Manager), Nicola Wilkes (League Manager), David Roberts (ERHUA), Cambridge South, Gore Court, Maidstone, Folkstone Optimists, City of Peterborough, Wapping, Alford, Dereham, Canterbury, St Albans, March Town, Blueharts, Panthers, Sevenoaks, BBHC, Burnt Ash, Skegness, Grantham.

Present: 73 people, representing 43 clubs.


1)    League ChairmanÕs Report

Chairman Rosemary Prince welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked Letchworth HC for once again hosting the event once again and for the wonderful buffet that had been provided. Letchworth provided a good central location for a region that stretched from Lincolnshire down to Kent. She reminded any club that might like to host the event to let any committee member know.

Rosemary started her report by thanking the East League Management Committee members and League Managers, who had managed their 40 or so individual League Divisions so well and seamlessly.  

Particular thanks were given to Neil Liversedge in his role as East League Secretary, who tries to ensure that the Committee runs smoothly, alerting the committee members to issues as they arise so that a quick and successful resolution could be found. Neil also works hard communicating directly with clubs to ensure that member clubs are heard when changes are made.

Rosemary also gave thanks to the East League Fixtures and Results Co-ordinator Richard Munns, who as well as developing the League Divisions and Fixtures, administers the red and yellow cards received. Rosemary gave articular thanks as the proposed League tables for the 2015-16 season were on display.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, thanks were given to all clubs for their participation in making 2014-15 season, a season that saw some very exciting finishes in individual League Divisions. Looking forwards to 2015-16 all clubs had achieved the entry deadline successfully.

Dates for the 2015-16 season had been published in February on the East League website. With Easter falling quite early in 2016 and the need to provide a gap for indoor hockey the season would start one week earlier than last season.

At last seasonÕs AGM a rule change was proposed in regards to East League Clubs with teams in the National League. At the AGM some of those clubs gave a passionate plea not to change the rules and gave a commitment to adhere to the current rules. On that basis the rule was not implemented and it is lovely to see that each club kept to their word.

Next season we have some new rules that have been implemented by England Hockey, including a 2 minute suspension for receiving a green card and long corners being restarted from the 23 metre line. Could we please ask clubs to ensure that all of their players and umpires are aware of the changes.

Last season there have been a couple of very serious disciplinary issues where incidents have occurred where the abuse of umpires have been so severe the games had to be either abandoned or stopped for a significant amount of time.

Rosemary made the point that all umpires are volunteers who turn up each week to allow the players to get out and play and enjoy our sport. However the umpires should be allowed to enjoy their time too.

Umpire abuse has no place in our sport and Rosemary made no apology for the East League Management Committee taking this issue seriously and the teams/clubs found to be at fault should expect the penalty to be severe.

Rosemary explained that part of her role is to sit on the East Region Hockey Association Management Committee and this committee is trying to develop the future path of the wider game and any suggestions member clubs have please just drop a line to Rosemary or Neil and these would be put forward for consideration. Development Managers from England Hockey also sit on this committee so ideas could be taken forward on a National scale. The aim is, of course, to get more people playing hockey more often.

Lastly Rosemary gave congratulations to all League Division winners and particular congratulations were given to Cambridge City Ladies 1st X1 and Harlestone Magpies 1st X1 who were Champions in their respective Premier Divisions in the EWL and EML. They will now go forwards to the National League, we wish them well and, in the nicest possible way, we hope that we do not see them back in the East League anytime soon.

2.  Election of Officers

The following officers were unanimously voted in to form the East League Management Committee:



Rosemary Prince


Neil Liversedge

EML League Managers:

David Burt, Barry Harness, Nick Hoyle, Russell Nutter, Pritpal Sagoo, Ali Smyth, Henry Wanchoo, Richard Malone, Chris Perry, Sarah Farmer.

EML Results and Fixtures Co-ordinator:

Richard Munns

EWL League Managers:

Sarah Mann, Shaun Dewing, Rosemary Prince, Nicola Wilkes, Kishor Shah, Christina Dewing

EWL Results Co-ordinator:

Sarah Mann

Budget Officer:

Andrew Barlow




3.  League Fees for the 2015/16 season

The fee was proposed to remain unchanged at £16.00 per team (£24.00 for late entries) was agreed unanimously.

4.   Amendments to Rules

There were 4 Rule Changes proposed.

Rule 4.3.1 was altered to ensure that the administrative process regarding re-arranging postponed games was completed within 14 days. This was agreed unanimously.

Rule 4.8 the change took into consideration the proposed change of 4.3.1 and was agreed unanimously.

Rule 5.2 was altered so to commit clubs to manually input details of their umpires onto the East League website each season. This was agreed by majority.

Rule 7.3 was altered to increase the number of Yellow Cards issued prior to a suspension from 3 to 4 (and more into line with England HockeyÕs stance in the National League). This was agreed by majority.


5.         Any other business

There were no written questions, therefore the Chairman offered to take questions from the floor, there were none.

With no further questions the meeting closed and the presentation of trophies to Divisional Winners took place with the trophies being presented by ERHA President Daphne Menear. There was just two clubs who did not attend (Horncastle and UEA Men) and they will duly receive their fine for their non-attendance.