Minutes of the East League Annual General

Held on Sunday, 4th June, 2017 at Letchworth Hockey Club.



Written apologies were received from Ipswich Crane, Haverhill, Upminster, UEA Ladies, Maidstone, Lowestoft, Broxbourne, Holcombe, Cambridge Nomads, Folkstone Optimists, Bourne Deeping, Canterbury, Bromley and Beckenham, Kettering, Wellingborough, Huntingdon, Wisbech Hockey Clubs. Pritpal Sagoo, Jade Bloomfield, Ali Smyth, Henry Wanchoo, Richard Munns, Shaun Dewing, Christina Dewing and Richard Malone (East League Committee members), Barry Smith (ERHUA).


Present: 67 people, representing 40 clubs and the ERHA


Agenda Item 1.           Annual Report from League Chair


East League Chair Rosemary Prince welcomed all to Letchworth Hockey Club for the 2017 League AGM and Presentation Day. She reflected that she had been looking through reports she had previously written and noted that she and Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary, had been in their respective roles for 7 years and how timed had flown since they had started their roles.


Once again, Rosemary thanked Letchworth Hockey Club for hosting the day, the weather once again was set fair.


The AGM provided the perfect opportunity to say thank you to the fellow volunteers who are members of the East League Management Committee for their challenging work throughout the season. The committee is made up of hockey people from clubs all over the East, who when not working on the committee play, umpire, coach or carry out administration roles within clubs or on County committees.


Particular thanks were given to Kishor Shah and Sarah Farmer for taking on the task of organising the trophies and certificates. Thanks also to Richard Munns in his role as Fixtures Co-ordinator. Ordinarily he would be here with the proposed League tables for next season, but with a combination of the AGM being held a week early and Richard being on holiday clubs would have to wait a short while longer.


The East League is made up of 40 individual divisions covering both MenÕs and WomenÕs hockey. The MenÕs covers all standards from entry level up to being a feeder league into the England Hockey League. Rosemary further explained that in the WomenÕs League it was slightly more complicated because Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Ken and 5 Counties League still had County based leagues at the lower level of the game, managed by their own committees, however 4 seasons  ago both Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire approached asked the East League to take on the management of their Leagues and as a result they are managed as East Leagues, then at Division 2 and above are the more senior leagues, with the Premier Division acting as a feed League to the Investec England Hockey League. The League Managers help, using the rules agreed at this meeting each season, to ensure that over 5000 games take place successfully throughout the season.


Rosemary said the committee had some goodbyes with Nick Hoyle having to retire mid-season due to a family emergency and with Budget Officer Andy Barlow and League Manager Henry Wanchoo deciding to retire. Rosemary thanked all for their work over many years and they will be missed.


However, volunteers had come forwards to take their place and, assuming all officers were elected we welcome Ed Stubbings, Marc Lloyd, Phil Churchman and Vicky Benedikz putting themselves forwards to join the management Committee. There is still a vacancy for the Budget Officers role, and an appeal for the someone to come forward was made.


Rosemary the took the opportunity to explain the Leagues place in East Hockey, as sometimes the League is a conduit of blame for things that are outside of there are of control. At the head of the game is obviously England Hockey and they delegate control of the game of hockey out to the regions.


Therefore there is the East Region Hockey Association Executive Committee. This was chaired by current ERHA President Peter Leaton. On this committee were people covering different areas of responsibility such as Umpires, Junior Hockey, Indoors, Masters, the Individual Counties and the League Management Committee is a sub-committee with responsibility for adult League competition. It is a fact that the East League is one of the biggest regional leagues in the country.


A lot of people playing hockey do not know a lot of what goes on behind the seen or how the game is organised and Rosemary reflected that it is sometimes helpful to try to explain in this forum.


Rosemary started to round off her report by thanking everyone who had attended the meeting, the Club Fixture SecretaryÕs, Umpire Liaison Officers and Captains and Vice Captains and Clubs wider committees. All of these people are volunteers who invest their time into promoting, organising and playing hockey, most importantly giving time and effort back to the game we love. Volunteers are always needed to promote our game which is great to play and has a great social scene behind it.


Lastly umpires, Rosemary passed on her thanks to everyone who had umpired an East League game. It is obvious that any hockey match cannot take place without them. Players on the pitch usually are quick to have an opinion if they think an umpire has got something wrong, and she appealed to all clubs to make sure that they identify those players who maybe take their thoughts too far too often and take steps to re-enforce he respect umpires should receive and in closing and in that spirit she wanted to echo words often used by East League Secretary when trying to put perspective on issues Òno team from any club will ever win £1 by winning an East League game or by winning an East League division. Equally no team will lose £1 if they lose a game or if they are relegated from an East League division. We are an amateur sport and we play the game and we play the game because we love it.







Agenda Item 2.           Election of Officers

The following have unanimously been nominated by the East League Management Committee, with no other nominations received:



Rosemary Prince


Neil Liversedge

EML League Managers:

David Burt, Barry Harness, Russell Nutter, Pritpal Sagoo, Richard Malone, Chris Perry, Sarah Smith, Ali Smyth, Jade Bloomfield, Marc Lloyd, Ed Stubbings, Phil Churchman.

EML Results and Fixtures Co-ordinator:

Richard Munns

EWL League Managers:

Sarah Mann, Rosemary Prince, Nicola Wilkes, Kishor Shah, Shaun Dewing and Christina Dewing, Vicky Benedikz

EWL Results Co-ordinator:

Sarah Mann

Budget Officer:



The proposal was carried unanimously.


Agenda Item 3.           League Fees for the 2017/8 season

It is proposed that the League Entrance fee of £16.00 per team and £24.00 for late entries remain unchanged. The proposal was carried unanimously


Agenda Item 4.           Amendments to League Rules

The following Rule amendment is proposed by the East League Management Committee


Rule Number

Proposed Wording


If a team includes a player ineligible under any part of Rule 3 or banned under a disciplinary process or under Rule 7.3, the minimum penalty will be the award of the match to the opposition 5-0 or actual score to nil, whichever is the greater.  
If a Club does not select a team but still fields lower teams, players in the lower teams are deemed ineligible and the same penalty will be applied to each lower team.


From the 2016/17 rules the words Òfor lack of playersÓ has been deleted from the first sentence of Paragraph 2.


The proposal was carried unanimously


Agenda Items 5.         Any Other Business


There were no items submitted as any other business.


ERHA President Peter Leaton asked for it to be recorded that on behalf of all the clubs and teams in the East a vote of thanks be provided to the East League Management committee, he further commented that the East League was seen as an effective and efficiently organised league from both a National, Regional and local level and the committee should be proud of the work they do.