East Leagues;Joint EWL and EML Management Meeting: 7.30, Thursday 21st Oct 2010



Chris Brown


Bob King


Rosemary Prince


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Sarah Mann


Pritpal Sagoo


Cliff Gulbis


Samantha Menear

Robert Southgate


Barry Harness


Richard Munns


Trevor Williams


Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter





Apologies: Bob King, Samantha Menear

Minutes of previous meeting:Agreed as correct.

Welcome:The Chairman welcomed Chris Brown as a new member of the Committee responsible for EML divisions 7, 8 and 9SE.Chris is a member of Waltham Forest HC.

1.       Playing matters

1.1.       East Womenís League Manager reports and issues
Nothing of significance to report.

1S, 1N
Nothing of significance to report.

2NE, 2NW
Some teams nominate Captains by rotation, causing contact difficulties for the League Manager.Agreed that this would be acceptable if the club provided the League Manager with an unchanging contact within the team.

A complaint from Hertford in 2SW about the lack of changing and shower facilities after a 4pm match at Mile End had been referred to Wapping.No response had yet been received.

1.2.       East Menís League Manager reports and issues

Prem A, Prem B

Nothing of significance to report.

Div 1, 2N, 2S
Plashet had behaved badly towards the umpires in a match against East London, as witnessed by PS.Matter is being pursued with club (PS).


Nothing of significance to report.


A request on the Friday by Rutland in 6NW for a postponement due to problems in finding transport was rejected and the match awarded .

No significant issues


Redbridge & Ilford had behaved badly towards the umpires in a match against Thurrock in 3SE.Matter is being pursued with club (PS).

An instance had occurred of a bottom side (Shefford & Sandy 3) doubling up players whilst having two full goalkeepers in the squad, i.e. one as a substitute.This is not covered by the wording of the rule, but was agreed to be comfortably inside the spirit of the rule.
A fixture in which both teams (Royston 5 and Cheshunt 4) had conceded by email on the same day was voided.
A match in which one team scored whilst having 12 men on the pitch (Bedford 5) was not an issue for the league (see rule 5.5).

1.3.       Issues for both Leagues

Late league fees:complaints had been experienced by some League Managers following the decision to not penalise clubs for failing to pay league fees on time.TW explained that the usual warning notice had not been posted on the website and, although there was no onus on the Leagues to do so, this had contributed to some clubs failing to meet the deadline.On balance a decision under league rule 2.9 to extend the deadline to October 3rd seemed the right thing to do, especially as League rules applying penalties for admin failures are worded with more discretion in application than rules governing playing matters.Next yearís committee may take a less generous view than this of course, and the late payers have been individually made aware of that.

Wisbech HC crowd control:Noted that the measures agreed by the club last season were not always in evidence at matches this season.RN to write to the club.


2.       League structure and organisation

2.1.       The following teams had withdrawn from the EML:Southend 4 (9SE), Royston 5 (9SW), Pelicans 4 (6NE), Lowestoft Town (4NE).Cheshunt 4 )9SW), North Walsham 4 (6NE).

2.2.       Rickmansworth have asked to withdraw their 3rd team from 6SW whilst retaining their 4th in 9SW. Agreed that the league rule requiring the lowest team to be withdrawn must always be observed.

2.3.       A response to ERHA on the SSSC survey on the effects of eliminating U14, U15 and U16 from league hockey was discussed and agreed, largely on the basis that little had changed since the 200t East League survey of the effect on clubs.TW to reply to ERHA.

2.4.       The EHB Masters Review was discussed.Despite the support and publicity given to the East Vets League and the enthusiasm of its League Manager, the number of teams participating is declining.It is a matter for clubs to decide whether or not to play veterans hockey, and the Committee would not wish to put any pressure on clubs to do so.

3.       Finance

3.1.       Fines are outstanding from Maldon and Little Baddowin EML and Old Loughtonians 2 in EWL.

3.2.       The Sponsorship arrangement with NE14HOCKEY has now run its three years, and as there is no interest by the sponsor in continuing, the arrangement will be terminated. (TW).

4.       Umpiring

4.1.       As agreed at the AGM there was a discussion on the merits or otherwise of making two home umpires mandatory for league matches.It was agreed that the present rule, allowing clubs to make their own arrangements for this, was perfectly adequate.

4.2.       Noted that HBHUA had introduced a subsidiary grading scheme for Level 1 umpires, though not yet fully functional due to the limitations of the website software.

5.       Discipline

5.1.       EML:the Ford 1 appeal against the penalty relegation for fielding an EHL player was rejected by the East Disciplinary Panel.

5.2.       Cards to date:EML 242Y, 5R;EWL: 41Y 0R.††

6.       Rule change proposals for the AGM (Appended)

6.1.       Happily, none.

7.       AGM and Presentation Day:††

7.1.       2010:Agreed it would be worthwhile checking off champion clubs on arrival to save trying to make presentations to absent clubs.

7.2.       2011:Agreed venue should be in the south of the region, possibly Southgate.NL agreed to identify a suitable venue.

8.       Future meetings:Committee: 20 Jan, 7 Apr at Pearse House.†† AGM: 5 June, venue tba.