East Region Hockey Association


East Leagues: Joint EWL and EML Management Meeting: 7.30, Thursday 20 th Jan 2011


Held in the Chesterfield Room, Pearce House, Parsonage Lane, Bishop Stortford CM23 5BQ



Chris Brown


Bob King


Rosemary Prince


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Sarah Mann


Pritpal Sagoo


Cliff Gulbis


Samantha Menear


Trevor Williams


Barry Harness


Richard Munns




Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter





Apologies: Janet Goody, Sarah Mann, Trevor Williams, Sam Menear, Bob King


Minutes of previous meeting: Agreed as correct


Welcome: The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting and welcomed Richard Munns back from his latest holiday.


1.   Correspondence

1.1   Chris Brown reported that Tony Revell had played for Rochford Casuals all season, therefore a transfer wasn't required. This discrepancy can now be closed.


2.   Playing Matters

2.1   Actions from previous meeting

2.1.1   PS had received an apology from Plashet regarding their behaviour towards him.

2.1.2   The player from Redbridge and Ilford has apologised to the umpire concerned and the club has taken action against the player.

2.1.3   Wisbech HC crowd control, RN reported that the rope is only put out for Men's 1 st X1 games. Thee had been no other complaints raised with any other committee members.


2.2.   Outstanding Matches

RM Produced a list of outstanding matches for both EWL and EML that had been cancelled earlier in the season. There was a concern that there were so many matches outstanding (59 in the EML and 29 in the EWL). From these numbers it was noted that dates had been arranged for the games to be replayed in 19 of the EML and 14 in the EWL. There were 17 games in the EML and 1 in the EWL where the re-arranged date on the website had passed and no result had been received and the remainder just had not been re-arranged.


It was agreed that a reminder would be placed on the League website to remind clubs that these games need to be re-arranged as soon as possible.


2.3   League Manager Issues

2.3.1   East Woman's League Manager Reports and Issues


Janet Goody, Sarah Mann and Sam Menear all sent their apologies but reported

that there were no significant issues in the Divisions that they manage.

Rosemary Prince reported that there were no significant issues in Div 1 North or South.


2.3.2   East Men's League reports and Issues


Prem A and B

Nothing of significance to report, except cancellations at short notice due to indoor, with 2 clubs actually progressing further in the tournament than they had anticipated


Div 1, 2N and 2S

No significant issues



No significant issues



No significant issues



No significant issues



No significant issues



No significant issues.



NH reported that in Div 6SW an incident in a match between Broxbourne and Letchworth, which allegedly was an off the ball incident between a very small number of players and had not been seen by either umpire had resulted in a written complaint being sent from Letchworth to Broxbourne. Broxbourne had produced a lengthy response. Both clubs have now expressed a wish to NH to draw a line over the incident. No further action required.

NH reported that in 7SW following a game between Vauxhall and Potters Bar, that a letter had been sent from a Potters Bar player to the Vauxhall committee about gamesmanship. An email had also been sent to DB, who had forwarded the email to NH. NH reported that Potters Bar had responded that the email was the opinion purely of the individual and in no way was the opinion of the club. Potters Bar further report that they have taken disciplinary action against the individual and have sent an official letter of apology to Vauxhall.



3  League Structure and organisation


3.1   EWL and County League Strength with 3 EWL League Managers missing this item has be deferred to the next meeting


3.2   League Dates for Next season

The proposed dates for next season are:






Pre Christmas

24/09/11 to 10/12/11

17/09/11 to 10/12/11

Post Christmas

14/01/12 to 17/03/12

14/01/12 to 24/03/12 (including h/term break) *


Proposed dates for the 2012/13 season were put forwards as Easter will be at the end of March 2013. It was agreed that league games would probably be required to be played after the Easter break but confirmation of half term holidays were required before the dates are published.


4.   Finance


4.1  Outstanding Fines


SM reported that there are currently no outstanding fines.

It was noted that the request by Old Loughtonians for a formal invoice for a League Fine was turned down, sports fines are not payments for services and so do not require an invoice and they are outside the scope of VAT.


5  Umpiring and Discipline


5.1   Cards to date







18, plus 2 non-East Red Cards


1 non-East Red Cards






RM reported that 2 red card suspensions are still currently being served.


There were no other disciplinary issues.


Rule Interpretation


6.1   There was discussion about the transfer of players from non-East EHL clubs into EML or EWL. It was agreed that the current Rule 3.3 covered off any mis-interpretation of any other rule and 3.3 should be applied.


7.    Presentation Day and AGM

  • PS will approach Fords regarding use of their club to host the AGM and Presentation Day, which will take place on 5 th June. RN asked for the room to be available from 12.00 for set up, RN then asked people to be mindful of other tasks to be carried out.
  • PS agreed to order the pennants
  • NL to ask Trevor Williams if he would continue to produce the League Tables
  • NH volunteered to be the collection point of trophies, all EML clubs will send their trophies to him. NL to contact SM regarding the Ladies Salvers
  • An early notice will be placed on the website to get clubs thinking about the return of trophies and League Managers need to be mindful of who won their leagues last year.
  • Consideration needs to be given to the Fair Play and Top Goal scorer's trophies.



•  East Management


8.1   RN reported that he attended a meeting in November. Two awards were to be resurrected recognising juniors, what the awards were for would be more clearly defined in time. There were no other significant issues resulting from the meeting.


9.    Any Other Business


9.1   NH and BH asked if there would be an advertising campaign for new league managers as they had received a couple of expressions of interest. NL agreed to get something placed on the website and RN suggested in the meantime the people who had expressed interest were approached by NH and BH to see if their interest was genuine.


9.2   RM raised the issue that Chelmsford 2's were looking to come back into the EML. They had asked the question about where in the League Structure they would enter. This item was deferred to the next meeting.


9.3   With Pearse House going into receivership another venue would have to be found. Suggested that we return to the Hilton at Stansted for the next meeting.


There being no further any other business the meeting closed at 9.20.


Future Meetings: Committee 7th April



* Later: EWL Half term break will be on the 11th and 18th Feb.