East Region Hockey Association


East Leagues;  EWL and EML Management Meeting: 7.30, Thursday 7th Apr 2011

Stansted Hilton Hotel, Round Coppice Road, Stansted, CM24 1SF



Chris Brown


Bob King


Rosemary Prince


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Sarah Mann


Pritpal Sagoo


Cliff Gulbis


Samantha Menear


Trevor Williams


Barry Harness


Richard Munns




Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter





Apologies: Chris Brown, Bob King


Minutes of previous meeting: Agreed as correct


1.       Correspondence:  -

2.       Playing matters

2.1.       Outstanding matches:  all but two of these will be played this coming weekend before the deadline.  Agreed that matches still remaining unplayed will be voided.

2.2.       EHL relegations:  noted that both St Albans Men and Cambs City Women had lost their opening EHL playoff matches, so seemed likely to be relegated back to East.

2.3.       Appeal outcome:  noted that Bishops Stortford had had an appeal against a 2S match award upheld.  Point of principle confirmed:  that league positions must have no bearing on match award or penalty point decisions.

2.4.       A match between Pelicans and Ipswich was abandoned late in the game because of flooding. Point of principle confirmed:  that however late in play a match is abandoned  for non‑disciplinary reasons, the result cannot stand and the game can only be replayed, voided, or awarded 0-3 at League Manger discretion. 

2.5.       Noted that abuse by a Dereham player of a Ramgarhia player had resulted in a 45-day ban under the EHB Disrepute process.

2.6.       There had been some issues around umpiring provision for Shefford& Sandy in EWL due to differing arrangements for pool umpires.  Noted that the league rules were flexible to allow all parties to work together to make the best arrangements, but if in dispute each club must arrange the provision of one umpire.

3.       League structure and organisation

3.1.       League Manager retirements:  RN from the Chair, but fulfilling one more season as a League Manager, and TW from ELS.

3.2.       Volunteers for new League Managers: nothing forthcoming from previous expressions of interest.  Interest will be sought via a website news item (TW).

3.3.       Officer proposals for the AGM match posts, so no elections are necessary.  Committee proposals are Rosemary Prince as Chairman, Neil Liversedge as East League Secretary, and all other posts as before.

3.4.       Divisional allocations of League Managers for next season to be made after the AGM (NL).

3.5.       Website league pages:  TW will be managing the East website for the foreseeable future, but League pages will be maintained as an arms length service to the League Committee and the ELS and Results Coordinators will have direct control over League pages.

3.6.       Indoor season:  indoor dates next season will overlap more league dates than before, and shifting the league season to accommodate this had been raised by the East Indoor Committee.  This would mean a lot of teams not involved in indoor would be without outdoor matches at a time when they would normally expect to be playing.  Agreed to continue with the present arrangement of allowing postponements to league matches as this was working well.  If in future there was a substantial majority of indoor clubs in one league division, making changes to the league programme for that division would be considered.  TW to write to the Indoor Committee.

3.7.        Women's County League Champions were known.  TW to confirm if all will accept promotion.

3.8.       Noted that there was interest by some Cambs Clubs in merging the Cambs Ladies League with EWL.  This would be purely for admin support, with no change to the divisional structure or playing arrangements.  Agreed that EWL would respond positively to any such request.

3.9.       Chelmsford Men 2 have asked to return to the EML from the London League.  Noted that TW had advised the Club that 3SE would be the appropriate division for this, based on recent playing record. 

3.10.    Bedford Ladies 1 had asked if admission to the EWL could be arranged, and this had been checked with, and was acceptable to,  EHB and ERHA.  Agreed that providing Bedford Ladies affiliate to ERHA next season, the team should transfer into EWL Premier Division under League Rule 2.1.  This division is appropriate to playing strength as the team has finished second in Midland Premier.  With the relegation of two sides from EHL to East, admitting Bedford would force two extra relegations from Premier, i.e. six in all.   This was not  acceptable, so it was agreed to play a 14-team Premier next season with 2 extra relegations to restore it to12 teams for 2012/13.  In that way, all teams would know what they were playing for from the start of the season.  TW to advise all 14 teams and consult on dates.

4.       Finance

4.1.       There are no outstanding fines, but NH to advise SM of fines and repair charges to be imposed for non-return or damaged trophies. 

4.2.       Budget for next season is in preparation (SM).  Agreed that the fee proposal to the AGM should be an increase to £16 per team to cover the withdrawal of sponsorship.

5.       Umpiring

5.1.       Cards to date:  EML 1394 Y and 38 R;  EWL 188 Y and 4 R.  This is an increase of around 10% on last season in EML, and 15% in EWL.

6.       Discipline

6.1.       Plashet HC :  By February Plashet players had received four red cards, all for umpire dissent and abuse.  In view of the Club's previous record of indiscipline with umpires and previous penalties and warnings, the Club was notified that it was the League's intention to closely monitor behaviour on the field for the rest of the season, and to review the club's disciplinary record in April.  The Club was also reminded that expulsion was a possible penalty for such behaviour.  Despite the warning and although the Club had advised the League that steps would be taken to address the problem, there has been no significant improvement in attitude towards umpires for the rest of the season.  League Managers who watched games and some appointed umpires reported that behaviour towards umpires continued to be unacceptable, and indeed a further red card was issued in March for such behaviour.  It is clear that Plashet HC has failed to make any sustained improvement in its behaviour on the field, despite the warning.  The Committee agreed that the level of abuse this season brings the League into serious disrepute, and therefore the Committee agreed under League Rule 7.2 to expel the Club from the League.  Any application to join the League for the 2011/12 season will not be accepted.  TW to write to the Club.

7.       Rules

7.1.       Agreed that when a player is transferred from one EHL club to another, previous selections of the player by the previous club are to be ignored for the purposes of League Rule 3.5.

7.2.       There are no rule changes to put forward to the AGM.

7.3.       Consideration to be given next year to reinstating fines for Clubs not rearranging postponed fixtures in a timely manner (NL).

8.       Presentation Day and AGM

8.1.       Venue : Redbridge & Ilford booked by SMe – room from 12.30 pm. AGM at 2.00 pm, food from 2.45, presentations from 3.30 pm.

8.2.       Collection of trophies in hand with NH and SMa.

8.3.       Pennants ordered by PS.

8.4.       Certificates in hand with TW.

8.5.       VIP invitations in hand with SMa and RN.

8.6.       Invitations to league winners to be done by League Managers.

8.7.       RM and SMa to advise and invite Fair Play winners.

9.       East Management

9.1.       RN summarised discussions from the last ERHA Management meeting.

10.    AOB: -

Future meetings:  AGM: 5th June.