Agenda for Meeting: 7.30, Thursday 19th Jan 2012



Andy Barlow


Nick Hoyle

Russell Nutter

Chris Brown

Bob King


Rosemary Prince

David Burt

Neil Liversedge

David Roberts

Janet Goody

Sarah Mann

Pritpal Sagoo

Cliff Gulbis

Samantha Menear




Barry Harness

Richard Munns




Apologies:          Andy Barlow, Bob King, Samantha Menear


Guests:                                John Hendy, ERHA President


Minutes:             The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th October were accepted and the remaining action points were picked up during the course of this meeting.




1.       Correspondence


1.1  An accusation of racial abuse had been made during a game between Chelmsford and Havering and a complaint made to NL. Complaint was referred to Mick Pullen, EHRA Disciplinary Secretary.


1.2  An email had been received regarding correspondence between Margaret McCall and Trevor Williams regarding affiliation of Beds Ladies clubs


1.3  In regard to the indoor season a copy of problem areas were reported. Brentwood had not been organised in arranging cancellations, which had resulted in members of the Indoor Organising Committee corresponding with RP on Brentwood’s behalf. The point being had Brentwood been more organised there would have been no problem. A separate issue was recorded in regard to Ipswich not notifying umpires allocated by ERHUA that they had qualified for the later rounds of the indoor competition.


1.4   Suffolk Ladies had made a request about a standardisation of rules and whether the League Committee could record their results and administer their league either just by using the website or on a more full basis. It was agreed that to manage it on a full time basis would require a league management resource, but results/fixtures/publicity recording could easily be accommodated (Cambridgeshire Ladies were already using the website).


1.5   3G Pitches. NH and CG had visited Royston’s Meridian pitch, where their 1st X1 had played against St Ives 2nd X1 in a friendly in early January. The pitch surface was still very difficult to play on and offered a distinct advantage to the home side. The surface was still very bobbly and very few passes of distance of greater than 5 metres were completed without a bobble. Agreed to keep the current league rule as it is. NL to write to Royston


2.       Playing Matters


2.1  CG – Divs 3, 4, 5SW and 5SE  - All good, however noted that Chelmsford 4 had conceded 3 games.


        RN – EML Premier A and B - A couple of games had been called off due to bad weather, where the oppositions had already set off, but where it was clear that the pitches would be unplayable (Blueharts v Long Sutton and St Albans v Norwich City). RN had decided to request the home sides to contribute towards the away team’s petrol costs. NL agreed to put a reminder on the League website.


        NH – 6-9SW - St Albans Citizens had called a game off in a league where there was both a named and a numbered team. It wasn’t immediately obvious who the more senior team was. Agreed that on entry next season teams would have to list their teams in strength order.


        CB – 6-9SE – No issues to note


        BH – 3-5NW – No issues to note


        PS – 1N, 2N&S, 3&4SE – Ipswich had written requesting information about withdrawing their 2nd X1 from 1N. It was agreed that Ipswich would have to withdraw their bottom team if a team had to be withdrawn. Advanced notice was given that PS had awarded a game against Cambridge City 2nd X1 for fielding 1st X1 players in a game against Upminster, where the 1st X1 game had been cancelled due to bad weather. PS believed that Cambridge City would appeal the decision.


        DB – 3-6NE – No issues to note


        SMann – 2NE&2NW – Wanted to note that Dereham had been awarded a postponement due to the death of their coach. SM also asked if Lincs Umpires had a special grading, as some strange entries were being made on teamsheets. RM and DR replied that historically there was a different grading system but would remind Lincs that they should record the current gradings on the teamsheets.


        JG – EWL Prem – Recorded that Holcombe had made it through to the National round of the Indoors. JG also hoped that there would not be any more postponements due to bad weather as in the League did not have any slip dates due to 14 teams being in the league.


        RP – 1N&S – No issues to note.


3.       Finance


3.1  There was an outstanding fine against St Albans, who had been issued with a 7 day notice to pay the fine (post meeting note – fine was paid)


4.       Umpiring


4.1  Norfolk Pool – At the last ERHA meeting Peter Wright had agreed to try to help resolve the disconnect between the NCHUA pool and the clubs regarding neutral appointments.







5.       Discipline


RM reported cards issued to date:


                                                                EML                                       EWL

                Red                                        15 (plus 1 non East)         1 (plus 2 non East)

                Yellow                                  787                                         133


6.       Rules    


6.1  NL to look at the impact of red/yellow cards in abandoned games and validity of cards and report back to the next meeting


6.2  NL asked to look at perhaps standardising the penalties regarding to fines/point deductions and report back to the next meeting.


7.       Presentation Day


7.1  Would be held on Sunday 10th June and would be held at Letchworth HC. A reminder regarding returning of trophies would be posted in early March.


8.       East Management


8.1  RP had attended to ERHA meeting, had reported problems regarding indoor and agreed to meet with the Indoor Organising Committee


9.       Any Other Business


9.1  John Hendy, ERHA President, wanted to record his thanks to the East League Management Committee and its members for their enormous hard work. He hadn’t fully appreciated the level of detail we went into in ensuring that the league was administered in an efficient and fair way.


9.2  It was reported that Plashet 2 were in discussions to return to the league.


10.   Future Meetings – The date of the next meeting would be Thursday 19th April and would be held at The Hilton at Stansted Airport, starting at 7.30pm.