Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Held at The Stansted Airport Hilton Hotel on 19th April 2012



Andy Barlow


Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter


Chris Brown


Bob King


Rosemary Prince


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Sarah Mann


Pritpal Sagoo


Cliff Gulbis


Samantha Menear




Barry Harness


Richard Munns





Apologies:            Andy Barlow


Minutes:               The minutes of the meeting held on 19th Jan were reviewed and agreed as a true record.




1.     Correspondence

1.1           Bedford Fanzine – RP (as League Chairman), JG (as League Manager) and NL (as League Secretary) had received a lot of correspondence from clubs who had been on the receiving end of some unacceptable print in a club fanzine, which had been openly available in the Bedford Club House. RP had spoken to Bedford about it and had received a letter of apology from their Club Chairman.


There had been major dissatisfaction between the affected clubs and committee agreed that Bedford’s behaviour in publishing was unacceptable and not in the best interests of hockey, and felt that the issue was punishable Under Rule 7.2.


It was also felt that as Bedford had just completed their first season in the EWL and as the other 13 teams in the League had made significant allowances in agreeing to let Bedford enter the League the comments were particularly short sighted.


It was agreed unanimously that from the start of the 2012-13 season that Bedford would face a 6 point penalty and that Bedford would have to provide evidence to NL that they had written an apology to each club concerned.


NL was asked to write to Bedford to notify them of the committee’s decision.


1.2           Twitter – The committee were aware of individuals receiving punishment for comments made on Twitter. The punishments had been made under the EH Code of Conduct.


2.     Playing Matters

2.1           Since the last meeting Appeals had been received and heard from Cambridge City and Cambridge University Ladies. There were two current appeals under investigation received from Thurrock and Norwich City.


2.2           Ipswich 2’s had withdrawn from Div 1. It was noted that Ipswich 4’s had also been withdrawn from the League. RM was asked to monitor League entries from Ipswich next season.

2.3           RN stated that the game between Cambridge University 2nds and Ramgarhia had been voided. The original game had been abandoned to the regrettable death of a Ramgarhia player.


2.4           SM felt that there was a need to review the current rules regarding players playing down from the National League, particularly in Indoor season.


3.     Finance                                   

3.1           No significant issues. Feedback was requested regarding listing teams for the online invoice process. NH responded no significant problems. NL was reminded to ensure that team entries were listed in order of strength so that issues surrounding named or academy sides could be avoided.                                   


4.     Umpiring

4.1           No significant issues raised.


5.     Discipline

5.1           Cards

RM reported that to date the following cards had been issued.












RM reported that compared to the previous season there was a reduction in Red and Yellow cards issued in EML. In the EWL Red cards issued were at the same level but there was an increase in the number of Yellows.


There were only two players where 5 yellow cards were issued, which was a decrease from the previous year.


6.     Rules

6.1           NL was asked to look at the impact of red and yellow cards in abandoned games. NL spoke to Nick Martin from England Hockey. Red Cards in abandoned games count, yellows do not. No impact to East Rules but impact on totting up process.


6.2           NL was asked to assess the fines v points deduction rules. NLs views was that both EML and EWL worked well currently and proposed it remain as currently written. This was agreed.


6.3           Asked by Thurrock to review current wording of Rules 4.7 and 4.9 as the word concede is not used in the rules but is used on the website. All managers understood the current meaning and the need to easily identify games that could not be fulfilled by lack of players/non inclination to travel or similar reasons. The word concede means the same as “failure to honour” as is written and is more succinct.


6.4           Asked by Thurrock to review Rule 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 as they were unable to identify who did what in the appeal process. All managers read the complete rule 7.4 and agreed all was clear.


6.5           Email from Paul Gallop, Norfolk CHUA President (a copy is written on the back page of these minutes), regarding a wording change to Rule 5.1.1. Only feedback received from the Counties was from Cambs who were very much against it. It was noted that Norfolk had a problem throughout the season appointing to Umpires in Div 3NE was localised to that County. It was agreed not to pursue this rule change.


6.6           A proposal had been received from Potters Bar HC to alter the penalty for awarded/conceded games from 3-0 to 5-0. As they proposed that this change in scoreline would better reflect the more modern game. Where League Managers had made the calculation the average goals per game was around 4.8. Committee agreed to recommend this rule change to the AGM.


6.7           A proposal was put forwards from Andy Moncur at Havering HC to allow goalkeepers to play “down” as pitch.  It was agreed that the committee would like to keep the current rules as they are and if teams need to play a goalkeeper “down” on pitch they carry on as now and liaise with the League Manager and by getting the oppositions agreement before it happens. This way the rule can be controlled.


6.8           Within committee there was some debate about Indoor Rules and Postponements, SM noted that she had received a phone call from Old Loughtonians, when the East League had turned down their request for a cancellation. Also it was noted that junior finals now take place over a weekend, rather than there just be a finals game. It was agreed that the final sentence of Rule 4.6.1 would be deleted and wording to reflect the changes to the juniors finals weekend would be changed for a proposal to be made at the AGM, however it was agreed that the sentiment of the rule was still sound.

                  (Post meeting note: Old Loughtonians had written to RP regarding a cancellation, RP had been away and Old Loughtonians wrote to NL, NL quoted the rules as they currently stood, which meant that they would not be allowed a postponement. RP on her return confirmed NL’s)


7.     AGM and Presentation Day

Date                                           10th June, 2012.

Venue                                       Letchworth HC

Time                                           AGM to start at 2.00pm, with Presentation starting at 3.30pm.

Trophies                                  NH and SM were in the process of collecting

Pennants                                S Menear and PS to liaise

Certificates                           NH to purchase frames and receive files from TW

         VIPs                                            NL and RP to liaise to ensure that they are invited.

         Program                                  RM


8.     Next Season

8.1           Dates    EWL:       15/09/12 to 01/12/12 and 15/12/12

                                                      12/01/13 to 09/02/12 and 03/03/13 to 23/03/13


                                    EML:       15/09/12 to 08/12/12

                                                      19/01/13 to 16/03/13




The dates are designed to ensure maximum fit with the indoor calendar. It was agreed that League Managers in EWL could allow clubs not involved in indoor competition to play their games scheduled for 15/12/12 on 08/12/12. However clubs MUST seek the appropriate League Managers authorisation.


8.2           League Entries – County Leagues

The following teams have won their county leagues and will be invited to join the East League.


Alford (Lincs) Royston (5 Counties) East London (Essex) Spalding (Cambs) Haverhill (Suffolk) Ashford (Kent) and Panthers (Norfolk)


8.3           Vets League

RK reported that there are currently only 6 teams for the Vets League next season. If this number is the final number the league will not take place. John Hendy (East President) is trying to encourage 2 more teams as Veterans/Vintage hockey is being further developed by England Hockey.


9.     East Management

9.1           RP had attended a meeting with no serious issues coming back into the League Management Committee. She would be attending a further meeting the following Thursday.


10.  Any Other Business

10.1        CG and CB expressed regret in stating that they will be standing down as League Managers from next season. CG had been a league manager since 1999. RP offered her sincerest thanks to both and hoped that they would both attend the League AGM and Presentation Day where we could say goodbye.

10.2        There was no other business and the meeting was closed.




Request from Norfolk HUA President to alter wording in Rules regarding club umpires appointments to pools.


I would like to put forward a rule change for next season, 5.1.1.


Currently the paragraph reads:


"A club must nominate an appropriately qualified umpire each week to either the East pool or its County pool for each team in these divisions. An umpire must be named to the pool organiser by the local appointments deadline, but need not be the same umpire each week. Umpires will not normally be appointed to their own clubs.  An umpire who is promoted to the national pool will count as a nomination for the purposes of this rule for the reminder of the season following promotion."


I would like to propose a change to:


"A club must nominate an appropriately qualified umpire each week to its County pool for each team in these divisions. An umpire must be named to the pool organiser by the local appointments deadline, but need not be the same umpire each week.  Umpires will not normally be appointed to their own clubs.  An umpire who is promoted to the East pool will count as a nomination for the purposes of this rule for the reminder of the season following promotion."


Please note the words in red block have been removed and replaced by the red text.


The reason for the proposed change is as follows:


I believe county's are generally struggling to provide umpires onto the county pool and while clubs are suppose to supply umpires where required I feel that when club umpires become Level 2 they put their feet up and think that their job is done.  For example Norwich Dragons need to provide 2 umpires onto the pool and they have 2 level 2 umpires Trevor Norman who is appointed to the East most weeks and James Colly who is appointed 50% of the season.  Great for them and the clubs but not for the county pool who have lost 1.5 umpires and Dragon do not need to supply anymore.....as per the league rules.


Level 1 umpires who umpire on the county pool have either retired from playing or are players who umpire around their playing committments.  However a Level 2 umpire is committed to umpiring whatever their age and have given up playing.  If an umpire is committed to umpiring once reaching the East then I feel clubs should be asked to put into the pool at county level again.


This proposed rule change does not effect the number of umpire at regional level, I don't see their committment changing at all.  This rule change I hope will encourage the progression of umpires at County level.  I forsee a situation in 5/10 years time where county pool appointments are club umpires i.e. "Norwich City" and not named umpires "Paul Gallop".  This in turn will have an impact at Regional level because if clubs are using suitable club umpires in their own county around their playing committments they will not want to progress to their level 2.



Best Regards


Paul Gallop

NHUA President