Minutes for East League Management Committee Meeting

Thursday, 7th February, 2012.

Held at the Stansted Airport Hilton Hotel




Andy Barlow


Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


Chris Perry


Phil Churchman


Richard Malone


Rosemary Prince


Sarah Farmer


Sarah Mann


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Samantha Menear


Pritpal Sagoo


Barry Harness


Richard Munns


Henry Wanchoo






Nicola Wilkes




Minutes:          Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2012 were agreed as correct will no issues arising.




1.         Correspondence

1.1       Andy Barlow had been approached by Fred Morris of Spalding regarding the lack of hockey played in Div 6NWN, due to teams withdrawing and a proposal to set up Development Leagues at Under 12 and 14 level. AB had spoken to NL, NLÕs immediate impression was it was something the East League would not be able to be associated with, however NL offered help in regard to the development of rules, fixtures, etc. The committee agreed with this approach.


1.2       Bedford v Holcombe. An issue had arisen regarding a re-scheduled fixture whereby the fixture had been agreed by both fixture secretaries, notified to the League Manager, fixture added to the venues/times page of the website. Only for JG to get a badly worded/verging on rude email from the Bedford coach. JG had escalated to NL who wrote to Bedford confirming the fixture should be played and the coach apologise to JG. NL had received apologies from both Chairman and Ladies Manager of Bedford, both distancing themselves from the coachÕs email. NL had insisted that the coach apologise to JG, with her absent it was not known if this had happened.


1.3       Non Qualified Umpire at Berkhamsted. NH asked for committee advice and decision regarding a complaint he had received regarding BerkhamstedÕs use of a non-qualified Level 1 umpire. He had umpired for Berkhamsted in Div 3SW in all but 1 game pre-Christmas, but was not a fully qualified L1 umpire, but an expired probationer. This was against the spirit of Rule 5.2. It was agreed by all present that all games umpired by the individual should be awarded against Berkhamsted, using the Penalty noted in Rule 5.2. NL was asked to write to Berkhamsted (post meeting note – Email written 11/02/13 to Berkhamsted to the Hon Sec, MLO and ULO listed on Clubsearch).


1.4       Overseas Player Registration – St Albans. Email sent to RN regarding wording of overseaÕs players not reflecting EH rule. Was decided that it didnÕt wholly need to reflect the EH rule, but agreed to re-word our rule so that at any one time only one player will be registered. However clubs would need to note and follow the transfer rule dates accordingly.


2.         Playing Matters

2.1       BH – Horncastle had received a stern talking to in regard to their administration. Any further re-occurrences would result in penalties being applied. No further issues

            DB – No real issues

            RN – Issue between Cambridge University and Colchester regarding re-arranged fixture. However agreed it should be played on 06/04 in accordance with the instruction to MenÕs teams, unless in the meantime the clubs can agree a date.

            RP – Dispute between Wisbech and Dereham Ladies where Dereham queried abusive language from Wisbech players and supports. Both ERHUA and CHUA umpire coachÕs were present at the game. It was reported from one of the coachÕs that there were hardly any supporters until 5 mins before the start of the next game. Both umpire coachÕs and umpires heard nothing untoward in the game.

            PS – March had made him aware of a detailed investigation they had carried out in regard to an unregistered player they had used in early December, who had previously played in that season for Pelicans. It was an issue localised to their 1st X1. It was agreed that March would be deducted 3 points for playing an unregistered player and 3 points for falsifying a teamsheet. In regard to the player, Pelicans had already penalised the player and he would receive further sanction of a 2 match suspension. PS thanked both March and Pelicans for being pro-active in investigating the issue.

            HW – Asked if both teams agreed can they play games outside the slip dates. The answer was yes as long as both teams agreed.

            SMann – No real issues to date

            SMenear – An issue in the game between Hertford and Potters Bar had developed. Hertford had refused to publish the result on the website over the issue regarding an umpire. The issue was still under investigation, however the committee were united that Hertford should not be holding the League to ransom and the game be awarded to Potters Bar.

            SF – Raised an issue regarding a player possibly having played for 2 clubs without a transfer. The item was still under investigation.



3.         Finance

            No issues raised other than Trevor Williams will have to stand down as budget officer.


4.         Umpiring

No major issues were reported. Communication had occurred where ERHUA were notifying League Officers of where clubs had not been effective enough confirmation of venues/time of games with umpires. NL had written to all ULOs appointed to by ERHUA and posted a notice on the League website.


5.         Discipline

            To date, the following cards had been issued:












It was noted that compared that year on year more red cards had been issued to date.


6.         6.1       Proposed re-write of Rules for 4.3.1


            Current Rules

Matches must be played on the dates set out by the Leagues at the start of the season. However, if a Division has less than 12 teams its League Manager may on request allow a fixture to be switched to a League Saturday that is blank.
Unless otherwise specified, slip dates are (1) the Saturdays between the end of the first half of the season and the beginning of the second half of the season excluding Dec 24-26 and the Saturdays immediately before and after those dates; (2) the two Saturdays immediately after the end of the league season, excluding Easter Saturday; (3) any blank Saturdays in the programme due to half-term breaks or there being less than 12 teams in a division; and (4) any Sunday during the league season.  (See rule 4.8 for the use of slip dates for postponed or abandoned matches).



Following the cancellations due to bad weather both before and after Christmas the current wording seems to give the impression that the choices to be used are in priority order.


New wording agreed-

Matches must be played on the dates set out by the Leagues at the start of the season. However, if a Division has less than 12 teams its League Manager may on request allow a fixture to be switched to a League Saturday that is blank.

Any games postposed, for any reason during the first half of the season (September to December), must be played by the second Sunday after the start of the second half of the season.

Any games postposed, for any reason during the second half of the season (Jan to Mar), must be played by the second Sunday after the last fixture date.

Any free Saturday should be used as first priority but any Sunday may be used.


  1. Presentation Day

Agreed for 9th June at Letchworth Hockey Club. Timetable to be confirmed.


  1. Next Season Dates

It was agreed that next season the MenÕs and Ladies seasons would run so the League Dates would be the same.


Dates agreed were:

The first half of the season starts on 21st September and finishes on 14th December with a break on 7th December for indoors. The second half of the season starts on 11th Jan and will end on 22nd March with a break on 22nd Feb.


  1. East Management

Nothing to report


  1. Any Other Business 

NL reported that he had given permission for a player to transfer from Spalding to Bourne/Deeping after the transfer deadline. NL had seen evidence that the player had been left out of his team since before the Christmas break and had tried to speak to his team captain about the situation. NL had contacted Spalding to investigate the playerÕs claims. Spalding confirmed the playerÕs claims. It seemed unfair that a player is side-lined without communication from him club and the transfer was allowed.