Minutes of the East League Management Committee

 Thursday, 25th April –held at The London Stansted Hilton.




Andy Barlow


Nick Hoyle


Russell Nutter


David Burt


Neil Liversedge


Chris Perry


Phil Churchman


Richard Malone


Rosemary Prince


Sarah Farmer


Sarah Mann


David Roberts


Janet Goody


Samantha Menear


Pritpal Sagoo


Barry Harness


Richard Munns


Henry Wanchoo






Nicola Wilkes




1)      Apologies

Apologies were received from Sarah Mann, Janet Goody, Phil Churchman, Andy Barlow, David Roberts and Nicola Wilkes.


2)      Introductions

2.1)   Rosemary Prince welcomed Richard Malone who was able to attend his first meeting and each league manager introduced themselves to Richard.


3)      Minutes of the Last Meeting

3.1)            In regard to Minute 1.3 of the last meeting, the Berkhamstead umpire passed is Full Level 1 qualification on 12th December. HBHUA recommended that he did not umpire higher than Div. 7. The committee noted the recommendation.

3.2)            In minute 2.1 the result stood between Potters Bar Ladies and Hertford.


4)      Correspondence

4.1)            Ramgarhia v Havering and Appeal – NL reported on the incident and the findings of his investigation. Havering HC had decided to appeal the result of the investigation. Appeal panel of RP, PS and BH had sat. Final result was that Havering would be relegated from EML Div. Premier B and a player would be suspended for 11 games from the start of next season. 


4.2)            University of Essex Appeal – NL reported that UoE had appealed against a decision made by their League Manager (HW) that he had not the authority to deduct 3 points for an umpire signing a teamsheet with the wrong name and incorrect qualification. An appeal panel of RN, BH and AB was formed and the appeal was rejected. A club umpire signing the teamsheet in the wrong name and with the wrong qualification is clearly wrong.


4.3)            March Town HC, Crostyx HC and Grantham HC - letters and emails received from these clubs with specific requests for teams to be placed in lower leagues next season due to player shortages. RM as fixtures co-ordinator will try to fulfil these requests as much as possible. The committee agreed it was nice to see clubs making these requests early before league entries had been requested and certainly before fixtures had been published.


4.4)            West Herts and indoors – An email had been received from Ladies Manager of West Herts asking if the fixture date 14/12could be moved to a Sunday earlier in the season. She thought it great that the League Committee worked with the indoor steering group and had set a date on 07/12 without outdoor fixtures, but felt it would be hard to find available players on 14/12. The view of committee was that if both clubs due to play on the 14/12 agreed to bring the date forwards that they could do so, however the league date of 14/12 would still stand.


4.5)            Ipswich v Wapping – Wapping had played their last re-arranged game at Ipswich, on 6th April, with just 8 players. Wapping 2nd X1 had no game, however most of the remaining teams playing that day played with squads of more than 11 players. An email had been sent to RN saying it was Wapping’s club policy that on the date in question players would stay with the squads they played with all season. Working through the teamsheets provided by Wapping it was proved that by players playing up their 1st X1 could have competed with 11 players. Committee agreed that this showed disrespect to Ipswich and the League. It was agreed that each team that played 6th April will have the game awarded against them 5-0. NL to write to Wapping HC.


4.6)            Lincoln v Saffron Walden - The game between these teams was postponed due to the weather on 23/03. The game was cancelled very early on the Saturday morning. Saffron Walden had complained as they had hired a mini-bus and asked Lincoln if they would contribute towards their cancellation fee. Problem escalated to NL and RP. Answer was no Lincoln would not pay. If a club chooses to hire a mini-bus it is that clubs decision. Lincoln, with a very unclear weather forecast, had called the game off as early as they could.


4.7)            Waseem Parkar – NL had received assurances from both Blueharts and Vauxhall that Mr Parkar had not played for Vauxhall at all this season.


4.8)            Potters Bar v Hertford – Hertford and St Albans had apologised for players from their clubs writing an email to other clubs about a particular umpire from Potters Bar.


5)      Playing matters

RM – Had an issue outstanding regarding a game between IES4 and UEA4. The issue surrounded doubling up of players.

NH – A game was awarded against St Albans, where they had strengthened a team with players who usually play for higher teams in the London League.


6)      Finance

6.1)            NL was in discussion with AB regarding taking over the Budget Officers role, as TW has stated that he must give the position up next season. (Post meeting note AB has agreed to become Budget Officer and TW/AB will speak about what is involved in the coming weeks).

6.2)            TW reported that the leagues finances were in order and would make a small surplus. No need to increase entry fees next season.


7)      Umpiring – DR not present and no other issues raised.


8)      Discipline

8.1)            Cards issued this season





37 (30)

1349 (1307)


0 (3)

121 (207)

                                                      Note – figures in () = 2011/12 season

There were 5 other red cards issued within the East but outside of the East League (i.e. in other competitions. It was noted that there had been an increase in cards issued in EML and a reduction in EWL


9)      Rule Changes

9.1             Issue raised regarding League Rule 3.2 at last meeting. New wording was proposed and agreed.

                  New wording to be approved at the AGM would be:

During the season, and subject to the current Player Transfer deadlines stated in Rule 3.3, at any time only one player may be registered who would not comply with the current England Hockey League definition of eligible overseas players. Failure makes a team ineligible for promotion into the national league. (The EHL regulations are available on the

England Hockey website).

9.2             A proposal had come forwards from Cambs HUA regarding the level which a Candidate Level 1 umpire could have their assessment game. After discussion the following wording was agreed:

A candidate Level 1 umpire may be used in EWL Div. 2 and EML 3NE, 4NW, 5SE and 4SW games if they are being assessed for their full Level 1 registration qualification. In games of this nature it is the responsibility of the club of the umpire being assessed to inform the League Manager at least 48 hours prior to the game taking place. (Clubs should note that the League Management Committee expect as a courtesy, clubs should notify their opposition of this assessment).

9.3             Email received from Cambridge South asking whether when a club is penalised for illegally strengthening a team with player(s) from a higher team, whether each lower team should have their game awarded against them 5-0. Committee agreed each circumstance is different but each league manager reserves the right to penalise lower teams if he feels the lower teams have been strengthened. Therefore there was no need to change the current rule.


10)    Presentation Day

10.1)       Will be on 9th June, hosted at Letchworth Hockey Club. Set up will start at 12.30, with the AGM taking place   

      at 2pm and the Presentations taking place at 3.30pm. Bar and Buffet had been booked. NH reported he had

      received most trophies on time, fines had been issued to those who had not sent theirs back on time and

      payments were outstanding. SF would be carrying out the printing of the League tables.


11)    East Management – Next meeting is w/c 29/04.


12)    Any other Business

12.1)          RP reported that there was a lot of work on going regarding migration of Ladies Leagues into the East structure. In the case of Lincs it involved the whole league (but not all of the teams) coming under the East Structure. Cambs were also keen to migrate. 5 counties were looking to see if there could be a simplification of rules, more channels of promotion into the East. The Essex County chair had asked RP to keep her abreast of future work. RP said things were moving quite quickly and more would become apparent in the next few weeks.

12.2)          RN raised the letter committee members had received re fixtures live. Webmaster and committee to keep the website and League specific IP within the East League website.

12.3)          SF raised whether it might be possible to have a short summary where fines/penalties were issued against clubs placed on the League website. RP replied that generally penalties are between the Leaguer and the offending club and it is not good practice to embarrass a club or name individuals, however NL would ask England Hockey what was possible.

12.4)          NH reported that the trial of clubs inputting their own results in EML had not been to smooth for a variety of reasons. RM asked if League Managers could be granted access to input results as next season he would be on holiday in late Oct and Nov. League Managers very keen to be able to input results. NL to speak to Trevor Williams.

12.5)          NL reported that TW was looking at the website to address an issue raised by NW regarding showing results on re-arranged dates.


With no further issues the meeting closed with RP thanking all of the committee for its hard work.

The 2012/13season had been the worst in the last 15 years in regard to weather affected games and the committee

had shown its adaptability and led the clubs through any problems admirably.