Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday 17th October – held at The London Stansted Hilton




Andy Barlow


Richard Malone


David Roberts


David Burt


Philip Maddison


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Sarah Farmer


Samantha Menear


James Sheppard


Janet Goody


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Barry Harness


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Nick Hoyle


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Neil Liversedge


Rosemary Prince







1)               Welcome and introductions – Rosemary Prince welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the season. She welcomed James Sheppard to his first meeting, thanked all new and existing managers for their hard work. Each person present introduced themselves to James.


2)               Apologies – Sarah Mann, Kishor Shah, Samantha Menear, Christina Dewing, Philip Maddison, Ali Smyth, Andy Barlow


3)               Minutes of the Last Meeting – Accepted with no amendments


4)               Correspondence

4.1                      Plashet – A few days prior to the closing date of League entries NL received an email from Plashet wishing to re-enter the league. NL responded that he needed to see a number of items from Plashet to justify their re-entry by 31st May (League entry cut-off date) and these had not been received. NL said he would discuss the Plashet entry for the 2014-15 season at this meeting. Committee was unanimous that it required to the paperwork that had previously been advised to Plashet as being required before any entry would even be considered. NL to feed this back to Plashet.


4.2                      Change to website - Request for fixtures list by team on the website pre-season been requested by a number of clubs. NL had spoken to TW (webmaster). Changes were possible and would look to introduce for 2014-15 season.


4.3                      Withdrawal of Teams – Committee had received notice that Rutland HC MenÕs and WomenÕs would be withdrawing from the league.  Thurrock 3Õs, March 3Õs and Southgate Adelaide 4Õshad withdrawn following the start of the season


4.4                      Holt HC – A wide range of correspondence had been exchanged with Holt HC. The issue was that Holt had entered 2 teams into the EML at 3NE and 6NE levels. During the summer a number of players had left the left in the summer months, leaving the club with older members, who the club felt were either too old or not good enough to compete at 3NE. In August NL had received correspondence with the Clubs old chairman and provided advice on what the club should do. NL had provided the same advice to the new Chairman (D Hobart) at the start of Sept. On 16th Oct NL received an email from Mr Hobart wishing to withdraw the 1st X1 from Div 3NE. NL responded reminding Mr Hobart of the previous correspondence, reminding him that if he withdrew the 1st X1 Rule 6.6 would be applied and their 2nd X1 would again be withdrawn. Mr Hobart rescinded the withdrawal notice. NL was of the view that his advice had been consistent and Rule 6.6. The committee agreed the issue, although difficult for the club, was not one where an exception to the rules could be granted. R Malone did say that Holt had received support from 2 other clubs. The committee agreed that should Holt have to leave the league this support from other clubs would be important in keeping the club playing. The issue was currently with Holt, but it was anticipated that the club would withdraw, either through notification from them or through too many games being conceded.


4.5                      Spalding Bench players – Good practice highlighted, where Spalding had identified 2 young players who they wished to develop and expose to 1st X1 play. Each week, where appropriate the club writes to the League Managers concerned about use of bench players.


4.6                      Wapping HC –John Orwell Pitch – Two complaints received about the pitch. HW said pitch was close to the end of its life. It was likely the pitch would be resurfaced. In the meantime NL to remind the club of the agreement they made a few seasons a go about restricting its use to the bottom levels of the game.


5)               Playing Matters

5.1                      Format of 9 and 10 team leagues – Clubs with teams involved in short leagues to be canvassed on the structure of their games. Two preferences had come forward. The first being clubs enjoying the late start and early finish to the leagues, as this allowed them to stabilise their playing squads and maximise availability with players who played other sports/farmers who harvested, etc. The second preference was clubs who wished the short leagues to follow the same structure as 12 team leagues, which allowed clubs to follow a home/away structure which was balanced in with their other teams. Clubs views would be sort in January for discussion at the February meeting.


5.2                      EWL Div 3 and 4NW – Migration has worked well largely. Some clubs say they had not been notified of the results entry user name and password, this was resolved quickly. New clubs taking a bit of time to get used to the new more structured rules. 4 clubs involved in re-arranging games where the away team had a shortage of players and in one case the re-arrangement was for a date in 2014, which ignores the rules surrounding re-arranged games. Agreed that patience was required while bedding in this season.


5.3                      League Managers Issues:-

NH no real issues.

SF no real issues

DB – Game Watton v Harleston Magpies to be replayed due to an umpire not showing up due to confusion over venue.

HW no real issues

RN – Game Wapping v Bedford to be replayed due to late arrival of umpire caused by a road traffic accident.

BH no real issues

PS – Complaint received regarding lack of changing facilities at SpaldingÕs new ground. Spalding contacted, from end October teams will have to travel to Spalding changed but following the game changing facilities and hospitality to be given at nearby Golf Club.

RM – A number of complaints received about players doubling up. Investigations are on-going.

CP – Game Cheshunt v Hertford, umpire received severe abuse from spectator. When umpire challenged spectator, spectator said he was not involved with either club. It was later proved that the spectator was on the pitch, participating in the game, representing Cheshunt. Committee agreed this was disgraceful. A number of options were open to the umpire at the time. The first being the pitchside conduct process, where the home captain is responsible for players, coaches and spectators on/or by the side of the pitch. The second  option was an MMO. The third the England Hockey code of conduct. Lastly there was a League Penalty CP/NL to further investigate.

JS – Issue involving a game between saffron Walden and Havering. An accusation was made after the game that Havering had fielded a player who had received a red card in a game between the two clubs the previous week. Complaint was unfounded. Essex Disciplinary Administrator had received no red card report form, the teamsheet from the game the previous week reported no red card had been issued and both clubs confirmed no red card had been issued.


6)               Finance

6.1                      Report from Budget Officer – AB reported that over £7500 was received in affiliation fees. One club, Framlingham, had submitted a cheque that subsequently returned by the bank. Rule 2.3 was applied. The club had now paid its fee and late entry fee as well. All other feeÕs received, although reconciliation between ERHA Treasurer and AB had thrown up some issues, which were in the process of being resolved.



7)               Umpiring

7.1                      Appointment of ERHUA umpires to Ladies Div 1 – ERHUA had sufficient numbers of umpires and requested that a Prem B division be created in EWL. RP stated that due to travelling distances clubs would not agree to this. However ERHUA could liaise with County pools so that excess umpires could be appointed to EWL Div 1 games. DR to feed back to ERHUA.


7.2                      New Level 1 grading and its impact on the League – NL had requested a paper from England Hockey. Nothing received to date.


8)               Discipline

8.1                      Season to date





Red Cards



Yellow Cards





9)               Rule Changes

9.1                      Wording on L1 for EWL – Rewording for level 1 umpire requirement for Divs 3 and 4 should reflect the same as for the respective divisions in EML. Was an oversight and will be corrected for AGM.


10)             Presentation Day

10.1                    Wash Up from 2012-13 AGM – Thanks to Letchworth HC for hosting, made to feel very welcome. 100% of teams arrived to collect their trophies.


10.2                    Next season date confirmed as 8th June. A central venue would be sort. With 4 additional Ladies League Divisions EWL top goal scorer to be consolidated to just 1 award. 


11)             ERHA Management Meeting

11.1                    Transgender policy – Policy has been issued by England Hockey and needs publicising.


11.2                    Clubs need to be aware that HM Customer has started looking into sports clubs use of paid club coaches, looking at whether PAYE or Self-declaration by the coaches is being used.


12)             Any other business

12.1                    Players leaving clubs closed season, but owing money – Romford have had an issue where two players have moved clubs, owing money. NL has tried to facilitate between the two clubs involved. Discussion took place around whether further support could be given. It was agreed that the East League had member clubs, not individual members and club finances should be managed by clubs themselves.


13)             Dates of next meetings – 6th February and 10th April.