Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 16th October 2014 – held at The London Stansted Hilton.




Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


James Sheppard


Sarah Farmer


Russell Nutter


Ali Smyth


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Henry Wanchoo


Nick Hoyle


Rosemary Prince


Nicola Wilkes









1.     Apologies – Shaun Dewing, Andy Barlow, Neil Liversedge, Nicola Wilkes


2.     Minutes of the Last Meeting

 The minutes of the last meeting were accepted


3.     Correspondence

3.1            Ramgarhia, Shefford and Sandy Ladies, Bedford 5

These teams have withdrawn from the League. It is disappointing to see teams especially at higher levels withdrawing.


3.2            Vauxhall’s Home Pitch 

Vauxhall have been able to move their fixtures to Lea Manor, Luton. However the club has no venue for teas and has been granted a temporary exemption from the teas requirement until they can find a suitable venue.


4.     Playing Matters

4.1            Application of Rule 4.9

Rule 4.9 as agreed at the AGM needs to be applied consistently. League managers cannot at present enter the -3 point penalty themselves, and should ask RMun to do this.

CP commented on the poor standard of organisation of teams in bottom divisions.


4.2            Romford – HW

A player planning to move from Thurrock played 1st game of the season for Thurrock then 3 games for Romford, without a formal transfer. These 3 games to be awarded against Romford by HW. It is up to Romford to deal with the transfer.


4.3            Norwich Dragons – RMal

Watton conceded v Norwich Dragons 3 (4NE); UEA claim that on the same date 3x ND players dropped down and played against them in 6NE. Being investigated.


4.4            Phoenix v Romford – ongoing, JS still looking into the matter


4.5            RMal has fined Norwich Nomads for reporting failures (teamsheets)

4.6            JS: 6SE: Univ. of Essex wanted to switch venues with Wapping due to Freshers Week. On date concerned, 5 players played down. Game awarded to Wapping.

4.7            SMa: EWL Premier. Enquiries about sending scanned teamsheets.

                  SMa requests squad registrations by Word/Excel for ease of sorting alphabetically

4.8            RN: prior to Ramgarhia folding, RN had had no communication whatsoever from them

4.9            NH: request from WGC for Eid postponement declined as unreasonably late (less than a week)

4.10         HW: Confusion over date of a red card ban. Split ban had not been transferred to new season. Date of a ban had changed by 1 day upon transfer – RMun to follow up.

4.11         CP: Romford v Plashet (9SE) abandoned. Romford captain withdrew team at half-time due to injuries. No blame attached to Plashet. Need to contact umpires to verify account of events. Further action pending.
RP points out that it is an adult league, 13+ players should only participate when physically and mentally capable of doing so.

4.12         KS: usual issues of teamsheets illegible/not received in EWL 3 & 4 NW

4.13         AS: Cambridge South 5s likely to withdraw (6 NWS)

4.14         SF: 6SW, Hertford 3 v Berkhamsted 3: one or possibly more Berko players from their 1s (game postponed) were recognised by another visiting team and this was reported to SF.

                  8SW: Broxbourne 5 fielded the person named as Broxbourne 1s captain on their website, Cheshunt have complained.

4.15         CD: 2-3 teams consistently fielding only 9-10 players, generally 1-team clubs (3NWN)



                  Reminder that teams are to be fined if shirt numbers incorrect/incomplete


5.     Finance

AB reports that £7.5k received, also Dereham fine from AGM. All affiliation fees received.


6.     Umpiring

6.1            Video Umpiring

This is being introduced in national league. If a game is videoed the video must be made available to umpires and opposition (at cost).

Agreed that it is appropriate for our leagues.

Videoing of matches e.g. for A-Level courses: the agreement of the other team must be obtained. Players’ agreement to be videoed is usually covered by the EHB-standard membership form.


7.     Discipline

As per this afternoon, EML: 236 yellow and 3 red cards; EWL: 48 yellow

3 men are on 3 yellows.

In a departure from the previous practice, any yellow cards received in matches not completed should
         now be recorded.

Noted that Lowestoft Railway’s 2 teams had collected a total of 8 x yellow and 1 x red after only 4
         match days. NL to be requested to raise this with them.


8.     Rule Changes

 Rule 4.9 change dealt with earlier


9.   AGM and Presentation Day

RN to ask about Letchworth for 2015



10.   ERHA AGM, SGM and Management Meeting

ERHA constitution amended

New person to take charge of handbook needed (mainly over the period May-Aug); information comes from club inputs/entries.

ERHA changing to company limited by guarantee (the EHB-recommended form)


Pitchero/copyright issue still ongoing. East needs control of its data for future marketing opportunities.


Umpiring headsets – ways of financing these for the higher leagues are being considered.


Indoor break – League reaffirms its position that as a senior league it does not want to take breaks for junior/schools indoor competitions.

Very few requests for indoor postponements have been received to date. NL to post reminder of deadline on website.


11.   Any other Business

Umpires with 3/4/5-digit numbers will be issued a 6-digit number. They will need to contact EHB themselves to obtain this.


RMal: commented on our small footprint on social media and asks whether we are missing a trick. He will look into options. RMal will contact John Hendy to check any moves by us do not clash with his lead for sponsorship etc.


RN: transfers to ANY teams at clubs involved in National League appear to be different – including transfers in between seasons. Further details needed.



12.   Date of next meeting

12.1         5th February and 16th April