Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 16th April – to commence at 7.30

At The London Stansted Hilton.




Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Sarah Smith


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Nick Hoyle


Rosemary Prince





1.      Apologies – Andy Barlow, Nicola Wilkes


2.      Minutes of the Last Meeting – Accepted


3.     Correspondence

3.1             Appeals – Had been received from both Wisbech and Ford. Both were heard under Rule 7.4.1 and both were declined. RP thanked those members who were part of the respective Appeal Panels.

3.2             Vauxhall HC – Had 15 points deducted for a serious disciplinary issue following the abandonment of a game against Stevenage.

3.3             England Hockey Invitation to tender for League and Club Management Systems – EH are issuing an ITT. Concerns raised by the East to EH about lack of communication. Likely that a discussion between EH and interested parties from ERHA and ELMC will be called in the near future.

3.4             Long Sutton Non-Umpire – LCHUA had raised an issue about an individual who had been umpiring for Long Sutton and was not a listed umpire by EH and nor a member of LCHUA. Investigation took place which found Long Sutton had been duped by the gentleman concerned. He is no longer umpiring at the club. Was noted that the chap had moved through several Lincs clubs.

3.5             Ford v Brentwood – Warning issued to Brentwood regarding future conduct following an MMO being issued by EHUA following an issue in the above game. MMO heard by EH CDO, which was dismissed. The club itself had dealt with the individuals concerned in an appropriate fashion that would send a message throughout its club regarding the expected conduct of its players and coaches.

3.6             Application to Join the East League – Southgate Pitchers have applied to join the East League. The team linked to Southgate HC and is made up of players who have either been involved into the EH Back to Hockey campaign or are junior members. Southgate had submitted all the information required by the League and the application was passed. It is possible that Southgate Tankards, a team of 60 and 70 year olds may seek to join as well. Their application would be accepted as well.

3.7             Lincs and Cambs Clubs Survey Divs 3NWN/S, 4NWS – Following research involving the clubs there will be a proposal given to clubs about the introduction on a 3NW and 4 NWN/4NWS or staying as the league’s presently are. We will abide by the clubs wishes.

3.8             EML Div 6NWN/S – Concern that teams in 6NWS only played 12 games this season. This was mainly caused by the withdrawal of Cambridge South 5 and Ely 4. Will monitor League entries before deciding a plan of action for the 2015/16 season.

3.9             Indoor programming Meeting – Proposed dates for next season accepted. Allows both indoors and competitions committee to plan for next season. The need for an early start to the season because of early Easter was accepted.



4.     Playing Matters

4.1             ELMC offered their congratulations to Harleston Magpies and Cambridge City who were champions of the EML and EWL respectively. RP also asked all League Managers send her a brief synopsis of the winning teams and their performance to her to help with her speech at the Presentation Day.

4.2             Top Goalscrorers – Deadline for top goalscorers set for end of April. Current top claims are 64 in EML and 35 in EWL.

4.3             SS (6-8SW) reported in her divisions a severe problem with Southgate Adelaide in re-organising a game with Letchworth. The game had been awarded to Letchworth. However it was agreed a stern letter be sent as the club gave poor respect both to the League and Letchworth HC in the way they had handled this fixture. A player for Luton Town had played despite being receiving 3 yellow cards. The game was awarded against the club, a £20 fine issued to the club for poor administration and the player banned for 2 games. 

4.4             AS (6NWN/S) reported issue in the Louth v Bourne game in 6NWN. Immediately after the game which Louth won, Bourne had complained of Louth strengthening their team. Teamsheets had not been received and despite trying to get hold of them they never arrived, until he spoke to the Club Sec. When teamsheets arrived it was confirmed that Louth had played many 1st X1 players. Game therefore awarded to Bourne.

4.5             PS (1 and 2N/S) had receive a complaint from City of Peterborough about Saffron Walden strengthening teams. After studying teamsheets supplied by Russell Nutter, which echoed the explanation given by Saffron Walden PS decided there was no case to answer.

4.6             SM (EWL Prem and 2NE) a re-arranged game between UEA Ladies and Christchurch was void as neither team could agree a date. SM further reported that she was impressed with all teams with National League teams during the Dec/Jan winter break as no players had played down and/or broke the rules. It seemed the warning given at last year’s AGM was heard. 

4.7             BH (3-5NW) very upset by the lack of administration at Horncastle. The MLO/MFS/WLO/WFS who is the same individual was completely ineffectual and paid major disrespect to deadlines/opposition or the League. A severe warning is to be issued to the club.

5.     Finance

5.1             Fines received = £560. All committee members asked to submit their mileage in the near future please.


6.     Umpiring

6.1             New playing rules for 2015/16 season – these rules are already held in the FIA rulebook. A reminder for clubs and umpires to read and understand them will be issued pre-season.


7.     Discipline

         7.1             Cards Issued






26 (compared to 35 in 2013/14 season)

1591 (compared to 1516 in 2013/14 season)


5 (compared to 0 in 2013/14 season)

234 (compared to 185 in the 2013/14 season)


Carrying out analysis of the cards 22% of all yellow cards were issued in EML Prem A and B and 38% in EWL Prem. Proof that in these divisions ERHUA appointed umpires give cards for more technical fouls.


7.2             Carry over bans – 4 players will have carry over suspensions due to length or red card bans. 14 players will have carry over suspensions due to yellow card suspensions accrued during this season.


8.     Next Season and Rule Changes

8.1             League Managers – No League Managers expressed a wish to stand down. RP reported she was very pleased with this.

8.2             League Entries – Entries for the 2015-16 season will open as soon as League tables had been completed and closed. Entries for the 2015/16 season will be open and all clubs will be asked to enter their Ladies teams on-line as per the EML teams.

8.3             New Rules – City of Peterborugh had asked that a definition be considered on bench players whereby if a player starts for a team during a season that player can no longer be considered as a bench player for that team. Several League Managers raised concerns about this and the proposal would not be recommended by the ELMC.

                  Wording around the rule changes discussed at the previous meeting were discussed and agreed and are shown at the end of these minutes.

                  ERHUA requested a rule be introduced regarding Videoing of Games. NL to speak to England Hockey to see if there is an existing policy or rule that is applied to the National League.


9.   AGM and Presentation Day

9.1             Date is 7th June and will be held at Letchworth Hockey Club. Set up for ELMC members would be 12pm. The AGM will start at 2pm with the presentation starting at 3pm. All trophies have been received back, except from Dereham (which is in hand). NH will then look after the engraving. SS will look after the League Table certificates. An offer of free hockey sticks supplied by a new brand to the market was agreed as the company were only looking for maybe a picture or an acknowledgement. President, Deputy President, Treasurer and Secretary of ERHA to be invited along with Sally Tippen.


10.   Any other Business

         10.1           Could League Managers please receive 2 copies of the League Handbook. NL to contact TW.


11.   Next meetings

11.1           Dates of next seasons meetings to be agreed shortly. (Post meeting note Meeting dates 01/10/15, 04/02/16 and 07/04/16 have been proposed.)


12.    And finally………

12.1           RP thanked all League Managers and ELMC committee members for their hard work over the course of the season which at times had been difficult.