Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 1st October, 2015 at 7.30pm

At The London Stansted Hilton.



Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Sarah Smith


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Nick Hoyle


Rosemary Prince





1.      Apologies – Pritpal Sagoo, Sarah Smith, Sarah Mann, Andy Barlow, Ali Smyth, Nicola Wilkes.


2.      Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1             Minutes of the last meeting of the 2014/15 season were accepted


3.     Correspondence

3.1             England Hockey/Vauxhall had lodged a disrepute form with EH citing both the East League and HBHUA. East League have been very keen to assist in any investigation and to attend any hearing. Just awaiting a date and time. The panel is to be led by Norman Stott (National CDO), with other panel members coming from the FA and the ECB.

3.2             Team withdrawals – Newmarket 4Õs, Felistowe 5, North Norfolk 4 have all withdrawn from the League so far.

3.3             RP been approached from a member of Kent committee re Kent WomenÕs teams leaving the EWL. There is a lack of understanding whether this is individual clubs or all clubs or whether it is a transfer of region for all Kent clubs. Awaiting for futher information from Kent, however RP will raise at ERHA committee meeting.

3.4             Div 7NE – Due to team withdrawals from Felixstowe and North Norfolk, Richard Malone and Richard Munns have restricted this division so that all teams play each other 3 times. This ensures that clubs at the bottom level of thegame get the maximum amount of hockey possible. Thanks to both passed on from all committee and from the clubs involved.   


4.     Playing Matters

4.1             BH had seen a conceded game in one of his divisions.

4.2             HW had allowed a cancellation in a game Wapping 8 v Saffron Walden 5 due to a team arriving late due to traffic problems. He also reported that Saffron Walden would receive a fine for the late entries of fixtures onto the venues/times page. He would take this forwards.

4.3             SD reported that a player from Norwich City had played in the first game of the season despite receiving an alleged red card during the last game of last season. Investigation had been carried out and no penalty notification had been issued/forwarded by Suffolk CDO to Norfolk CDO. Therefore the League had not been advised of any penalty. Further investigations would continue.

4.4             NH had a warded a game against Luton Town 2 for Luton doubling up too many players. It seemed that the rule had been misunderstood by a new team captain.

4.5             DB game involving Lowestoft Railway had attracted a lot of attention for the wrong reason on a game played 26/09 with the umpire issuing both an MMO and a Disrepute form. The game was completed. NL will write to Lowestoft Railway reminding them of their responsibilities and will monitor any penalties applied following the investigation of the MMO and Disrepute forms.

5.     Finance

5.1             All League entry fees arrived to time. Many thanks to Andy Barlow and Trevor Williams for their help.


6.     Discipline

         6.1             To date 56 yellow cards received in EML, 11 in EWL.


7.     AGM and Presentation Day

7.1             Presentation Day at Letchworth a great success. Fines received from the two non-attendees. Looking forwards to next season date would be 12th June. Letchworth had volunteered to host, as had Wapping. NL to contact Stuart Burnside at Wapping for costings, etc.


8.   Any other Business

8.1             A number of errors had been recorded in the handbook. Some relating to League, some relating to non-League. The Bromley and Beckenham club details had been missed completely, ERHA Presidents number was wrong, as were a couple of League Managers. Also some League Managers only received 1 handbook when the request went forwards to receive 2. NL to speak to Ed Stubbings, who is the editor.



8.2             Richard Munns will be unavailable on Saturdays 17th, 24th and 31st October. NL to place note on the website for Prem A, B and Div 1 clubs to phone their managers directly. (Post meeting note: RN and PS to contact their clubs as well to cover all).

8.3             NL to speak to TW with the aim of allowing all clubs to enter their results onto the website with implementation in 2nd half of the season.

8.4             RN noted that approaches for cancellations had been received from clubs entering indoor tournements, however they were from the usually organised clubs.



9.   Next meetings

9.1             Committee decided that the gap between now and the next planned meeting in February was too wide and it was agreed that there would be an additional meeting on 10th Dec.