Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 11th February, 2016 at 7.30pm

At The London Stansted Hilton.



Rosemary Prince


Ali Smyth


Shaun Dewing


Neil Liversedge


Henry Wanchoo


Kishor Shah


Russell Nutter


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Pritpal Sagoo


Nick Hoyle


Barry Smith


David Burt


Sarah Smith


Richard Munns


Richard Malone


Sarah Mann


Andy Barlow


Barry Harness


Christina Dewing







1.      Apologies – Ali Smyth, Nicola Wilkes, Barry Smith and Andy Barlow


2.      Minutes of the Last Meeting – Minutes were accepted


3.     Correspondence

3.1             England Hockey/Vauxhall – RP gave a report into the first day of the hearing held on 5th Feb. It was slow going and a second date is due to be booked for a date in March. There was concern from both RP and NL that if the pace of the hearing continues on an “as is” basis NL/RP personally may have to withdraw due to lack of availability. However all evidence in regard to the issue is paper based (all correspondence regarding the deduction of points and appeal was paper based, this fact has been relayed to the panel).

3.2             Appeals – Bedford and March’s appeals were unsuccessful. Wisbech and St Ives have withdrawn their appeal. An appeal from Dereham has just been received and will be heard in due course.

3.3             RP had attended a meeting  with representatives of the Kent League regarding them possibly leaving EWL. It seemed to be being driven by the large Kent clubs, however in the discussions there seemed to be a general misunderstanding of existing East League rules and the smaller clubs seemed content with the East League.

3.4    On-line reporting of results – Has gone really well, well done to all involved.


4.      Playing Matters

4.1    BH raised the issue of injured players from a high level returning to play at 5th/6th level. A discussion took place and each matter must be judged on its merits. A player returning after a significant injury (broken bone/severe muscular/tendon injury) may well be playing at that level to see if they actually can still play. The key would be for the League Manager (if a complaint arose) to ask the question of the club. He was also investigating a club where in 2 games they had allegedly strengthened their team, he was awaiting a response from the club.

4.2    RN has started to investigate a club for strengthening their 2nd X1, he is early in his investigation.

4.3    RP was investigating a particular incident with Potters Bar



5.     Finance

5.1             As of 1st Feb £220 received in Admin fines, £250 received from trophy/agm fines, £500 received from both March and Bedford re-appeals.


6.     Umpiring

6.1             No issues


7.     Discipline

         7.1             As of this evening the following cards had been recorded as being issued:





Red Cards



Yellow Cards




         7.2             It was noted that there are several multiple cards have been issued to 2 people in particular (6 yellows) and their

clubs would be written to. Also there was one gentleman who has received his 2nd yellow card of the season. He has received a significant ban from EH.


8.     ERHA

         8.1             Nothing to report





9.      Next season

9.1             There is a need to make standard the rules for on-line reporting next season to consistent and to take into consideration all teams in all leagues reporting the same way.

9.2             Dates for next season – Proposed 17/09 to 03/12 and 14/01 to 25/03 with a break on 18/02.


10.   AGM and Presentation Day

10.1           Arrangements pretty much the same as last year. To be held at Letchworth. Nick Hoyle on trophies and Sarah Smith on League tables. NH asked ML to send a reminder that trophies need to be returned in March.


11.    Any other Business

         11.1           There was no AOB.


11.   Next meeting

11.1           Dates of next meetings 07/04/16