Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 10th November, 2016 at 7.30pm

At The London Stansted Hilton.



Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge


Tim Martin


David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Sarah Smith


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Nick Hoyle


Rosemary Prince


Jade Bloomfield


Peter Leaton







1.      Apologies

Neil Liversedge, Richard Malone, Kishor Shah, Jade Bloomfield, Sarah Smith, Sarah Mann, Andy Barlow, Nicola Wilkes & Peter Leaton.


2.     Correspondence

2.1             EHRUAregarding Havering Mens 1st X1 – NL wrote to Pat Johnson (Hon Sec for Havering), forwarding on correspondence received from Barry Smith. Apology received from Havering & 1 player ‘rested’ from playing for the foreseeable future.

2.2             Email received from Redbridge and Ilford directed to NL & Henry Wanchoo regarding verbal abuse from a Thurrock player on the sidelines towards an umpire. NL advised R and I, to follow the England Hockey Code of Behaviour Disrepute process and out of courtesy notified Thurrock of the complaint. The accused has subsequently resigned, both from the club and his role as Umpire Liaison Officer.

2.3             Request for rule changes received from UEA and City of Peterborough. Clarification emails have been sent out to both clubs, so we can understand the total impact of both requests. Both emails were short of detail, as to what they wanted the rule changes to be.  


3.     Finance

3.1             All League entry fees arrived to time.


4.     League Manager Report

4.1             RN had a few issues with Wisbech HC not sending teamsheets in on time. Wisbech have been warned and reminded

                  that penalties may arise if it continues. To be monitored.

4.2             PP stated that he has agreed for some clubs to email the teamsheets weekly and send the physical forms in 2 batches throughout the season. To monitor how this works and to ensure any issues on the back of the teamsheets are communicated accordingly.

4.3             AS reported a few issues with teamsheets which are being addressed.  1 result was reported incorrectly on the East Website but has been resolved

4.4             CP has been receiving pressure for fixtures to be rearranged rather than conceded from 1 club, which has subsequently now risen to 4 clubs. Issue discussed and some leniency to be offered to allow fixtures to be played by mutual agreement in the lower leagues to ensure fixtures are fulfilled where possible.

4.5             BH reported some poor administration from a few clubs but being monitored. BH also reported he has had some disciplinary issues regarding number of cards issued and the club in question have been contacted.

4.6             CD reported 2 concessions in EWL4NW (N)


5.      Umpiring

         5.1             TM raised that many teams are not confirming umpires to EHRUA by Tuesday night.

         5.2             TM suggested that a person is supplied by the home club to assist with the timing of cards for Prem A.

5.3             No umpires listed on website for the following clubs: Vauxhall, Wapping, Basildon, Watton, Southend, Brentwood & Clacton. Email to be sent to remind clubs to update umpire lists by 1st January 2017.

5.4             RN asked if there was a requirement for umpires to have a DBS check completed, in line with the 2010 EHB ruling.


6.     Discipline

6.1             To date 314 yellow cards received in EML & 34 in EWL. 8 red cards in EML & 1 in EWL. These are down on last season, which is encouraging and suggests the green card penalty is working.

6.2             3 players are currently on 3 yellow cards


7.     AGM and Presentation Day

7.1             A provisional date on 11th June was suggested.

7.2             RN to liaise with Letchworth regarding this and to report back to NL on costs.  It was agreed that Letchworth had worked well previously and is centrally based.



8.   Any other Business

8.1             RN suggested that the East League Handbook be proof read, as several errors and missing text were found.

8.2             CP read an email from Tower Hamlet regarding their current ongoing issue with available pitches. The only pitch slots available to them are at 17:30, which 1 club (Romford) have refused to play at. Ongoing monitoring and CP to suggest that Tower Hamlet contact all opposition clubs in an attempt to complete the fixtures outside of the East Hockey ruling of a 17:00 start time.

8.3             TM asked if all National regional leagues were going to run in line with each other, as several regions start or finish                          later than others, making friendlies difficult outside of the region.

8.4             SD asked if both the Umpire lists and Player transfer lists can be cleared before the season commences, as a few issues have been reported whereby current transfers were deleted in error. To be looked at next season

8.5             Provisional league dates for next season were agreed to be:

                  23rd September 2016 – 9th December 2016

                  6th January 2017 – 22nd March

                  Slip dates would be 16th, 23rd December, 17th February, 29th March, 6th April & any Sunday.


9.   Next meetings

9.1             Next meeting dates are 9th February 2017 & 6th April 2017.