Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 23rd February, 2016 at 7.30pm

At the London Stansted Hilton.



Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge




David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Sarah Smith


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes


Nick Hoyle


Rosemary Prince


Jade Bloomfield








1.      Apologies

1.1             Apologies were received from Andy Barlow, Christina Dewing, Nick Hoyle, Sarah Mann, Barry Smith of ERHUA, Nicola Wilkes and Jade Bloomfield


2.     Correspondence

2.1             For information, following a game at Wisbech an MMO had been submitted by an umpire regarding severe umpire abuse. As the umpire had not told the individual player he was going to issue an MMO the process was not allowed to continue. However the ERHUA issued, instead, a mis-conduct disrepute form. The result was that a Havering player was suspended from playing until 31st March 2017. NL also carried out an investigation in regard to behaviours not in the best interest of the League, as he had already spoken to Havering HC about their conduct following previous complaints from ERHUA. Havering MenÕs 1st X1 had a suspended 6 point penalty placed against them until the end of the season. It was noted that the MMO process did seem a little floored and that the President of the East, the ERHUA and the East League had jointly made representation to ensure that the MMO process is tightened.

2.2             Nick Hoyle has unfortunately had to retire from League Management due to a recent immediate family bereavement and having to care for a parent. The whole committee sent its heartfelt wishes to Nick. We know how well liked he is in the clubs he looks after. Hopefully we will see him back on the committee sometime in the future.

2.3             Question from Cambridge South about the dates for next season. Was confirmed that the dates will be 23/09/17 to  09/12/17 and then 06/01/18 to 10/02/18 and then 24/02/18 to 16/03/18. It was noted that slip dates for 2 weekends after the end of the season will have to be each side of Easter. NL to place a note on the League website, reminding clubs that the February slip date is a slip date, not a holiday date.

2.4             St Neots Appeal. The appeal was lost.

2.5             Umpires being Mandatory. Issue was raised to NL from Russell Nutter who had received a significant amount of pitchside chat from a member of Bedford HC regarding rule 5.1.1 and voluntary umpires being mandatory. He committee did understand the point; however the clubs benefitting from the provision of neutral umpires should expect to have to contribute to the pool of neutral umpires to receive that benefit. That view was echoed by ERHUA.

2.6             NE Split of bottom divisions. Richard Malone had alerted NL that Ali Wardale from Norwich City was canvassing clubs regarding this topic again, along the lines of the NWN/NWS split. NL had sent an email to Mr Wardale volunteering help and asking him to ensure that no club could be under the illusion that the NWN/S split was along county lines in either the MenÕs or WomenÕs league.

2.8             During the pre-Christmas break NL had pro-actively written to the 3 clubs where 2 of their members had received red cards (Blueharts, City of Peterborough and East London) asking what action they were taking to ensure the figure remained the same for the remainder of the season. NL was encouraged that all 3 clubs were on top of the situation and had made all of their members aware (where the cards were for dissent towards umpires) of the clubs expectations going forward. All 3 clubs were to be applauded.


3.     Finance

3.1             Finance Office Andy Barlow had sent a report to say fines of £360 received.


4.     League Manager Report

4.1             Kishoh Shah (EWL - 3NW and 4NWS) reported a penalty had been applied against Newmarket 3 for causing a game to be abandoned against Cambridge South without sufficient reason.

4.2             Richard Malone (EML – 5 to 7NE) had awarded 3 games against a North West Norfolk team, where a keeper had doubled up on pitch for a lower team, where that team had more than 11 players.

                  He reported a concern over Norwich City 5 conceding a game in Div 4NE but their 6th and 7th X1Õs still played. It was reminded that the lower teams would still lose by 5-0 margin.

                  Ipswich 5Õs had a game awarded against them for not taking an umpire to a game. The previous game, when played at home, the opposition took a travelling umpire and there was a paper trail suggesting Ipswich knew they had to take an umpire with them.

4.3             Sarah Smith (EML – 6 to 8SW) had awarded a game against Potters Bar for not travelling to Bedford. It was a weekend when there was snow forecast, but all local roads were clear, the pitch was playable and all other local clubs managed to get their game in.

                  There was a current communication going on between Welwyn Garden City and Luton Vagrants regarding payment of pitch costs for a late cancellation.

4.4             Chris Perry (EML – 9SW and 9 to 10SE) had his eyes diverted in the early part of the season, as he was the lead in the appeal by HBHUA against England Hockey following the decisions made by the National Disciplinary Panel in regard to complaints made by a club. However Chris had become frustrated by clubs cancelling games amongst themselves, without reference to him as League Manager. The whole committee were unanimous in supporting ChrisÕs view, any club even thinking about cancelling a game should speak to their League Manager in the first instance. It was also recommended to Chris that in future where clubs show a postponed game on the results website without warning or communication with him that he should void the game.

4.5             Ali Smyth (EML – 6 to 8SE) reported that 70% of clubs in the League Divisions teetering on the edge of the next level of warning/fine/points deduction. So far in his league there has been 1 point deduction and 3 fines.

4.6             Henry Wanchoo (EML – 3 to 5 SE) had received 1 polite enquiry to check a teamsheet.

4.7             Pritpal Sagoo (EML – 1, 2N, 2S) developing story, player Sam Hornsby had moved from Richmond, North Yorkshire, via Cambridge South for 1 game to Cambridge City for 1 game with no transfers. On investigation when asked by Cambridge South had he played this season the answer they received was No. When he arrived at Cambridge City again was asked had he played anywhere else this season, again the answer given was no. However player was recognised by a Cambridge South player as he arrived to play for City for a game. Cambridge City immediately reported the problem to PS and both Cambridge south and Cambridge City have both been open and honest in their investigations. No penalty issued to either side but the player has been banned from playing in any East League games for the remainder of the season and both clubs informed of his ban.

4.8             Richard Munns (EML - Div 3 to 5SW) just one enquiry on-going involving a Bedford/Harpenden game.      

4.9             Rosemary Prince (EWL – 2SW) had received one enquiry re West Herts, made harder as WH had not sent their EHL teamsheets in.


5.      Umpiring

5.1            Request from ERHUA whether clubs in Premier Divisions could provide a volunteer to control a technical table. There were some concerns from the committee about clubs being able to do so.

5.2            Next season via the ERHUA website there will be a chance for clubs and umpires to grade each other. This will help with umpire development and will hopefully be able to identify possible problem clubs.



6.     Discipline

         6.1             The following cards have been issued to date:












7.     AGM and Presentation Day

7.1             A date of 4th June has been booked, Letchworth HC. Caterers have asked if they could have an advanced payment. NL didnÕt see a problem and would notify Trevor Williams.

7.2             Trophies and certificates. KS had volunteered to collect the trophies and SS has volunteered to do the certificates again.                   


8.   Any other Business

8.1             There was no any other business


9.               Next meetings

9.1             CHANGE OF DATE TO TUESDAY 11th APRIL