Minutes of the East League Management Committee

The meeting held on 11th April, 2017 at the London Stansted Airport Hilton Hotel.




Andy Barlow


Neil Liversedge




David Burt


Richard Malone


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Ali Smyth


Sarah Smith


Russell Nutter


Henry Wanchoo


Barry Harness


Chris Perry


Nicola Wilkes



Rosemary Prince


Jade Bloomfield








1.      Apologies

1.1             Apologies were received from Andy Barlow, Richard Malone, Nicola Wilkes, Barry Smith


2.     Correspondence

2.1             Following an email from Richard Munns to all League Managers all results have now been received and the League Tables can be viewed as final. We are just awaiting the National League to come to a conclusion.

2.2             Old Loughtonians and Bedford are champions of the EML/EWL respectively and will now go forwards to the National Leagues. Contact details have been requested already by the EH competitions department.

2.3             Bedford/Crostyx umpires. HBHUA appointed umpires to the above game but arrived at site to find the Bedford Hockey Centre all locked up. Earlier in the season both clubs reversed the fixture. NL to make Bedford aware.

2.4             Two hockey people have already volunteered to join the East League Management Committee next season. They are Phil Churchman and Marc Lloyd. Andy Barlow and Henry Wanchoo have indicated that they wish to step down.

2.5             Appeals received from both Cambridge University Women and Old Loughtonians. Appeal Panel turned both appeals down.

2.6             NE bottom divisions. NL received representation from Chair at Norwich Dragons about the number of games played in 7NE. 12 games on the League table.NL had replied that this was caused by the withdrawal of Dereham 5 early in the season and Cranes 2nd X1 later on in the season.

2.7             Request from Felixstowe Ladies to join the East League. They had suggested at Div 2 level. It was felt that now was the time to encourage more Suffolk teams to join the East League. For Felixstowe Div 2 was probably a bit high and the current Div 3NW would not be appropriate due to the travel.



3.     Finance

3.1             Andy Barlow had reported by email that Playing fines collected were £440, with another £240 due from appeals. All fines are paid to date.


4.     League Manager Report

4.1             Russell Nutter (EML Prem A and B) - Blueharts asked for it to be minuted that following a recent trip to Havering the provision of post-match refreshments was seemingly limited to 1 portion of chip shop chips and 1 sausage, spread across their whole squad. Committee members reflected that they hoped that Blueharts had notified Havering directly.

                  Russell reflected that with 2 games to spare the Prem A division was evenly contested between 4 clubs, with Old Loughtonians coming out on top on the last day of the season. One of the most competitive seasons for years.

4.2             Shaun Dewing (EWL 2NW) - reported that over the season other that the St Neots appeal (commented on in last meetings minutes) it had been a quiet but successful season.

4.3             Kishor Shah (EWL 3NW and 4NWS) - Haverhill, despite giving assurances otherwise, doubled up in more games that we might have liked. Within the rules, but it is felt due to the regularity of the doubling up that they did not have enough players for 2 teams. KS to write to Haverhill, copying in NL.

Special mention for Wisbech 3Õs who are pretty much made up of Back to Hockey players. Played in Div3NW, unfortunately will be relegated but a fine example of hockey sportsmanship.

4.4             Christina Dewing (EWL 1N and 4NWN) – A good season, no major incidents at all.

4.5             David Burt (EML 3 to 4NE) – A good quiet season.

4.6             Ali Smyth (EML 6and 7SE) – No major issues, all teams started to get their admin right following warnings of point deductions and fines. Div 7 in particular was the most competitive with 8 teams in with a shout of promotion with a couple of games remaining. Ali encouraged by the amount of communication he received from clubs. 

4.7             Henry Wanchoo (Div 3-5SE) - A good competitive season, good communication from clubs, only a couple of minor issues.

4.8             Chris Perry (9SE and 9-10SW) – 9SW won by the Southgate Tankards teams, chance that Southgate will be planning to enter more teams next season due to the transition of the sides from the London League to the East League and the number of players coming into the club.

                  Games awarded against St Albans and Rickmansworth for various offences.

4.9             Sarah Mann (EWL Prem, 2NE) Generally a good season with Bedford coming out on top. Had a concerning conversation with various members of St Albans, where she felt she was almost being bullied after asking a question about a selection. She spoke to the captain and then within the club the issue escalated with their Director of Coaching phoning Sarah. Issue was resolved without Sarah changing her decision, but her view on clubs not accepting a League Managers decision is very concerning. Involved in decisions that led to both the Cambridge University and Old Loughtonians appeals, in both cases decisions both proved to be sound. Managing the Prem is a lot of work.

                  Concern rose about length of time it takes to re-organise fixtures lost to the weather. Sarah reassured by other League ManagerÕs that where clubs arenÕt making a decision have the confidence to make the decision for them.

4.10           Barry Harness (EML 3 to 5NW) – Only one time he had to tell a club to play a re-arranged game.

4.11           Pripal Sagoo (EML 1 and 2N-S) – An unusually quiet season with no real issues.

4.12           Richard Munns (EML 3-5SW) - One small issue with a club who had played a University student who had clearly played for a University team in a regional league elsewhere. Other than that had enjoyed his brief stint as a League Manager.

4.13           Rosemary Prince (EWL - 2SW) – No real issues since the last meeting.


5       Umpires

5.1             Following on from the last meeting Barry Smith just wanted to move forward on making a voluntary request from ERHUA whether clubs in Premier Divisions could provide a volunteer to control a technical table. Once the teams are known in the Divisions for 2017/18 season we will jointly canvess.

5.2            Next season via the ERHUA website there will be a chance for clubs and umpires to grade each other. This will help with umpire development and will hopefully be able to identify possible problem clubs.



6.     Discipline

         6.1             The following cards have been issued to date:












It was noted that there was a significant reduction in yellow cards, caused mainly by the introduction of the 2 minute green card suspension.

                  6.2             Two players who have received red cards will have their suspensions carried over into next season.

                  6.3             J Lankfer from Cambridge City received his 5th yellow card on the last game of the season. His match ban will also

                                    carry over to next season.


7.     AGM and Presentation Day

7.1             A date of 4th June has been booked, Letchworth HC. Caterers have asked if they could have an advanced payment. NL didnÕt see a problem and would notify Trevor Williams.

7.2             Trophies – lots of trophies still not been sent in. Agreed that the deadline for fine receipt was 31st March, clubs had received warning and fines should be introduced to those outstanding.

7.3             Wapping had said that they cannot find a trophy. Will be expected to replace the trophy if not found and returned.

7.4             A number of trophies had been returned but not in a clean style. £20 fines to be introduced to the offending clubs.

7.5             Kishor will get trophies engraved. Sarah will arrange the framed League tables.

7.6             League Managers for EWL to agree their fair play trophy winner. Richard Munns will determine the EWL fair play trophy.

7.7             RM will be in Japan for the AMG but will send programs.

7.8             NL to invite VIPs.

7.9             Rosemary requested a line or two from each League Manager in regard to their Divisional winners.

7.10           NL to post on website request for top goal-scorers.

7.11           NL to send out invitations to the AGM to all clubs.



8.      Next season New Rules

         8.1             Proposal from UEA – a request for cancellations affecting University teams was unanimously turned down

8.2             Proposal from City of Peterborough received after the deadline for rule changes last season. Request to look at whether a definition be considered on bench players whereby if a player starts for a team during a season that player can no longer be considered as a bench player for that team. Several League Managers raised concerns about this and the proposal would not be recommended by the ELMC.

                  A conversation was then had covering the rule changes implemented last season. Canterbury had said that they had found the conditions tough due to reducing membership. Other than that there had been no major issues other than maybe a couple of National League clubs sailing very close to the line of the rules, certainly applying the rules but maybe overstepping the spirit of fair play.

However it was agreed that the issues raised this season were small and on that basis there would be no proposal to alter the rules changed last season.

8.3             A small change of wording in Rule 3.7 was agreed with the words Òfor lack of playersÓ removed. This will be presented to the AGM.


9.   Any other Business

9.1             With the exception of Andy Barlow and Henry Wanchoo all other League Officers declared a wish to continue, a couple of Managers expressed a wish to change leagues. NL to post a request for more volunteers to become League Managers. RP reflected that although he never attended a meeting AB had done a fine job as Budget Officer in his short tenure. HW had the chance of being included on the National League Umpiring pool, an opportunity he wished to take and devote time too. This meant he would not have the time to look after the East League Divisions.


                  RP thanked both AB and HW for their work.


9.               Next meetings

9.1             RN had proposed that there was a long gap between the start of season and February meeting and a fourth meeting should be introduced. Therefore dates of 28th Sept and 7th December 2017, along with 8th February and 12th April 2018 have been proposed.