Minutes of the East League Management Committee

held on 28th September 2017 at the London Stansted Airport Novotel Hotel.



Vicky Benedikz


Neil Liversedge




Jade Bloomfield


Marc Lloyd


Pritpal Sagoo


David Burt


Richard Malone


Kishor Shah


Phil Churchman


Sarah Mann


Ali Smyth


Christina Dewing


Richard Munns


Ed Stubbings


Shaun Dewing


Russell Nutter


Nicola Wilkes


Sarah Farmer


Chris Perry


Barry Harness


Rosemary Prince





1.      Apologies and Introductions

1.1             Sarah Farmer, Russell Nutter, Sarah Mann, Jade Bloomfield, Phil Churchman and Nicola Wilkes send their apologies


2.     Correspondence

2.1             Bedford HC/HBHUA Umpires – NL has been involved in communication with both and association about umpiring requirements.

2.2             Team Withdrawals – Spalding W4, Royston W1, Stevenage M5, Skegness W1

2.3             Good practice from clubs in enquiring about selection rules ahead of the season. Holcombe and St Albans in particular.

2.5             RP and NL had attended a meeting with Sally Tippen, John Hendy, Lorraine Bant and Trevor Williams to discuss the England Hockey proposal for the National League. NL gave an overview of the proposal which most of the committee were unaware and were sure their clubs were unaware too. NL said that for both himself and RP the Consultation Doc from England Hockey went to his Spam file. The basis is that the National League season will change to Jan to May and then conclude from Sept to Dec. The profile of the top 24 teams will change between the two half seasons.

                  There will be an additional conference league. The proposal was underwritten by the England Hockey Board, however consultation with game stakeholders will have to continue so that a raft of issues will be identified and solutions found. 2019-20 season is aimed for implementation. A general debate followed about whether the East League about possible changes to the East League, but the committee understood that we couldnÕt second guess the final outcome of the National League proposal.



3.     Finance

3.1             £7496 received in League Entry fees and fines. All League entry fees were received with 48 hours to spare!


4.     League Manager Report

4.1             CD reported that 2 games were abandoned in the first weekend, both for serious injuries. 1 game would be replayed.

4.2             BH was concerned that some clubs had been allowed to have all clubs at home on the same day, it would allow clubs to double up unfairly. RMunns said this has been done for many seasons to allow clubs to source enough umpires, not knew. A consensus was though that any clubs who deliberately double up at home would be counter-productive because players not selected for the home games would quickly not travel away.

4.3             CP had a game re-arranged from Dec to Sept has a club could not get a pitch. That club ended up conceding the game.

4.4             Several clubs had sent their team sheets to the wrong League Manager.


5       Umpires

         5.1             No issues


6.     Discipline

         6.1             Small glitch on the website had prevented all cards being entered.


7.     AGM and Presentation Day

7.1             NL put a call out for potential venues           


8.      Next season New Rules

         8.1             Proposal from UEA – a request for cancellations affecting University teams. Not supported by the committee

8.2             Proposal from City of Peterborough received after the deadline for rule changes last season. Request to look at whether a definition be considered on bench players whereby if a player starts for a team during a season that player can no longer be considered as a bench player for that team. In theory a great suggestion, but many logical examples were given by committee members that demonstrated the proposal would not work on a practical level without it becoming more restrictive to clubs.


8.3             Marc Lloyd had made 3 overview proposals prior to joining the League Management Committee.

8.3.1          He played in a Premier League level game, travelled 2 and a half hours and was offered make your own teaÕs. No new League rule required but a brush up to clubs to be posted on the website.

8.3.2          Was about widening the League structure, this may come out following the National League proposal.

8.3.3          Allowing keepers to play a second game on pitch without penalty to the rest of the teams/clubs under doubling up rule. Can currently be done, under the currently doubling up rule. However, committee members asked to think about this proposal further with any improvements forwarded to the rest of the committee by mid-November for discussion at the December meeting.  


9.      Any other Business – There was no any other business


10.    Next meetings

10.1           Date of the next meeting 7th December 2017. Other meetings this season will be 8th February and 12th April 2018 have been proposed