Minutes of the East League Management Committee meeting held on 8th February 2018.

At the London Stansted Airport Novotel Hotel.




Vicky Benedikz


Neil Liversedge


David Roberts


Jade Bloomfield


Marc Lloyd


Pritpal Sagoo


David Burt


Richard Malone


Kishor Shah


Phil Churchman


Sarah Mann


Ali Smyth


Christina Dewing


Richard Munns


Nicola Wilkes


Shaun Dewing


Russell Nutter


Sarah Farmer


Chris Perry


Barry Harness


Rosemary Prince





1.      Apologies – Sarah Farmer, Marc Lloyd, Phil Churchman, Pritpal Sagoo, Sarah Mann, Nicola Wilkes


2.      Correspondence

2.1                      Janet Goody – Tribute paid to long standing League Manager who recently passed away.


2.2                      Wapping Yellow Cards – Concern raised by ERHUA about cards issued to Wapping 1Õs and 2Õs. NL wrote to MLO and Club Chairman. Concern increased as 11 cards issued to 3 players. Club has responded that they have spoken to the individuals. Position to be monitored.


2.3                      Kettering – Player has EH disrepute form issued. Internal club investigation had returned membership to the player. (Post meeting note - EH investigation levied a 40-day suspension.


2.4                      Team withdrawal – Spalding 6Õs have withdrawn from the League


2.5                      6NEN/NES Divisions – As committed at the last League meeting each club and team invited to participate in a snapshot survey as to how they were finding things. Results were presented at the meeting, with a promise to issue to clubs. Snapshot showed that the divide between Norfolk and Suffolk clubs remain, there is a perception in Suffolk teams that they are playing less hockey, whereas with a direct comparison to last season the teams that were in Div 7NE have already played more. A long email response had been received from Bury St Edmunds club (and shown at the meeting), which could not be directly linked to the survey (safe to say though they were against the trial) and a late response was received from Newmarket.


2.6                      EHL Proposals – NL had spoken to Rich Beer, Development Manager for England Hockey. Three options for the changes to the National League were now being offered followed the meeting with all the Regional Leagues, other stakeholders and the National League clubs. A final decision will be made in March 2018, so regional leagues can make allowances in the League programs in the 2018/19 season. A communication with all the concerned clubs (including Regional clubs) will be made in February.                           

3.      Finance

3.1                      Fines -  received from BSE, Cambridge City, fines outstanding Saffron Walden


4.      League Manager Report

4.1                      RN – After a quiet 1st half to the season cards issued in the 2nd half so far have gone bananaÕs. Fine issued against Cambridge City 2 for late teamsheets (post meeting note – fine already paid)

4.2                      KS – Haverhill Ladies 2ndÕs still doubling up week in week out. We will continue to monitor, however should the status quo remain consideration will be given as to whether the 2nd team can enter next season.

4.3                      JB - Ely 3 had set off to a match against Kettering 4when received a call to say game off, tried to claim game and petrol, however investigation found that first game at Kettering had started and was abandoned as conditions got worse in game. Kettering not provided with ElyÕs captains number, so Kettering phoned Ely Fix Sec who was just about to start game. JB decided game should be replayed.

4.4                      BH - Kettering 1Õs going well in 3NW. If promoted will they be expecting Northants CHUA to be providing umpires? NL to write.


5.      Umpires

5.1                      DR gave report that umpires not being contacted early enough when games are postponed. ERHUA had fined clubs. NL reported that still getting comments from umpires about not receiving notice of game start times/venues. Thought to be given to next season and how we communicate this message as just not good enough on club front.






6.      Discipline

6.1                      Cards – RM echoed RNÕs assessment of cards. Duplicates shown at last meeting have been tidied up. Details of cards received are:













7.      AGM and Presentation Day

7.1                      AGM will be held on Sunday, 3rd June at Letchworth Hockey Club. Kishor Shah will again look after trophies and Sarah Farmer will look after Certificates. RN said caterer will reduce amount of food as over last 2 years too much was left over.


8.      Next season New Rules


8.1                      Season start for short teamed leagues – proposal made from Newmarket HC that League Divisions with 10 teams or less should start on same day of the League Season as rest of League, so to minimise exposure to severe weather in December. Position regarding the reason why they started later (requests from clubs for the Leagues to start later to allow multi-sport players and agricultural workers to become available) was repeated, however there was general agreement and NL would pop a notice on the League website seeking feedback.


8.2                      Proposal of Additional Rule from Phil Churchman

Proposed:  5.2.1 (New Rule)

Clubs may agree that the home club shall provide both umpires for games subject to rule 5.2 above, should this be agreed the home club shall provide two umpires in accordance with the qualifications required in rule 5.2.

5.2.2 Further to any agreements made in advance as stated in rule 5.2.1 the away team may still opt to provide a suitably qualified umpire for a game provided that notice is given by 10pm on the day prior to the match day. In this instance confirmation of receipt of notice is not required. Clubs choosing to send an additional umpire to an away game in this manner are still required to provide two home umpires as per the original agreement unless supplemental agreements are made.

5.2.3 For any disputes regarding umpire swap agreements the clubs in dispute shall be required to provide written evidence to the relevant league manager, should either club fail to supply agreed upon umpires, the league manager may impose a £10 fine or award the match 5-0.

After discussion it was agreed not to recommend these rule changes due to several issues, not least that the existing rules allow this to happen.


9.      Any Other Business

9.1                      Dates for Next Season – Start 22/09/18 until 08/12/18, resume 12/01/18 until 23/03/18 with a slip date on 16/02/18. This creates 3 Saturday slip dates in Dec/Jan and allows 2 slip weekends prior to Easter at the end of the season. Dates to be posted to the website.

9.2                      A general reminder to all that the weekend after Easter shall be the final date of the season (allowing for no other weather interruptions)

9.3                      Reminder will go out towards end of Feb that trophies should be returned by end of March.

9.4                      Questions had been asked by Ladies teams in the lower NW divisions about promotions/relegations. Principle is 2 up 2 down.

9.5                      Date of next meeting changed to 19th April due to Chair being away.