Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Held on Thursday, 19th April 2018 at the London Stansted Airport Novotel Hotel




Rosemary Prince


Neil Liversedge


Russell Nutter


Pritpal Sagoo


Ali Smyth


Phil Churchman


Richard Malone


Chris Perry


Sarah Mann


Sarah Farmer


Marc Lloyd


Kishor Shah


David Roberts


Shaun Dewing


Christina Dewing


David Birt


Richard Munns


Jade Bloomfield


Nicola Wilkes


Barry Harness





1)     Apologies and introductions – Apologies were received from Barry Harness, Nicola Wilkes and Jade Bloomfield.

Introductions – RP welcomed two guests who attended the meeting as observers. Sally Tippen who is ERHA President and Steve Sieff who is Chair of the ERHA Indoor Committee. Each of the League Managers introduced themselves, their role and when not carrying out League duties the club they represent.


2)     Correspondence

2.1            Saffron Walden – Serious disciplinary issue when a game between Saffron Walden 1 v Saffron Walden 2 in EWL was recorded as taking place, via both result reporting and by submitting teamsheets. Complaint made to League Manager that game had not in fact taken place. Investigation carried out by club confirmed game had not taken place due to the action of individuals. The game not taking place was not in any way authorised by the club and the signatures used to indicate the umpires on the teamsheet were in no way those of the umpires named. The Investigator was satisfied with the genuineness of the Clubs response, however this was a very serious issue. Penalty invoked was that both teams would be relegated and both captains would receive a 5-match suspension starting from the first day of next season and Saffron Walden were required, if the captains moved clubs in the closed season, to notify the East League Secretary where the players had been moved to. The club did not appeal the decision.

2.2            Cambridge City proposal – Outside of East League rules Cambridge City had canvassed teams in Div. 4 and 5NW proposing splitting the divisions on a geographic basis. The wording at the front of the email gave an impression that the proposal had been discussed by the ELMC. On being made aware of the canvass NL made his objections known to Cambridge City. He also pointed the League rule regarding rule changes and made clear that the canvass was sent well after the appropriate deadline. Several members of the committee reminded that when the old Division 6NWN/NWS occurred clubs were told that to keep the regional integrity no other Leagues would be separated. NL said that as he had been aware of the canvass he was obliged to report it to ELMC. No further action would be considered.

2.3            EHL Proposals, London League teams coming into the League – NL had forwarded to all committee members England Hockey final decision regarding the expanding of the English Hockey league commencing the 2019/2020 season. This meant that 4 teams in total would be promoted to the EHL from both the MenÕs and WomenÕs side. NL added that he was aware that there might be approaches from East affiliated clubs with teams in the London League, if approaches were made they would be considered by the ELMC. The principle is not new, as existing members of the committee would remember Chelmsford leaving the East League and returning

2.4            Appeals – Appeals from both East London and Berkhamsted had been heard by East League Appeal Panels, both had been declined. NL expressed thanks to the panel members.

2.5            6NEN/NES Divisions – Clubs were invited to add further comments following the survey taken in late January/early February. Comments had been received from 5 clubs, all reflected their original response. Views are still based on County lines. End of season proved that more hockey had been played by clubs in 7NE than last season, but less by clubs in 6NE however. Less games had been conceded. As discussed in the FebruaryÕs meeting the Leagues will continue as per 17/18 season, this is, however, dependant on entries.

2.6            Compliment from Canterbury – Compliment received from Alex Hooker from Canterbury made to Shaun Dewing, for the service he has provided as League Manager.

2.7            Bromley v Havering – Complaint received from Havering regarding Bromley 2Õs selections in a recent game. Also, a subtle implication that because the League Manager was associated with Bromley that a decision made by that manager may not be impartial. A claim that a player who was suggested to have played for Bromley 1st X1, against a Havering club officials daughter, was proved not to be true, as were the other claims, with the players concerned having played consistently for the 2nd X1. NL relayed the decision to Havering and a defence of the League Manager concerned was issued and an apology was received from Havering.


2.8            Sudbury request EWL – Request received that their Ladies be placed in Div. 1N next season. Proposal would be considered once all the final placings and League tables are considered final, however there could be no guarantees the request would be granted.

2.9            Watton v UEA – Issue that Watton were expecting UEA to arrive with an umpire. UEA were unaware of this. UEA had a Club Umpire Assessed within their squad, affiliated to Lincolnshire. Watton refused to agree to him umpiring. The League Manager considered that no attempt was made to contact him, and the evidence suggested that the game was not played due to Watton trying to adjudicate on League rules and refused to play, so the League Manager considered them to have conceded the game. The decision received no appeal.

2.10          Upminster v Redbridge and Ilford – Game was officiated by an Umpire had previously shown discrimination against Redbridge and Ilford and the game was once again, allegedly, spoilt by similar behaviour. R&I had written to the Essex CHUA Pool as well as the ELMC to try and avoid a comparable situation next season. The ELMC do not appoint any umpires to games but hoped that with months to go between seasons hoped that the clubs will speak to each other, so that if the Essex pool could not appoint a repeat situation would not occur.

2.11          Felixstowe v Sudbury – A complaint originated from an Umpire to Sally Tippen, ERHA President, but umpire had not followed red card/MMO or disrepute process, even though the correct forms were offered. A spectator was asked to leave the side-lines and the umpire was concerned at a coach was perceived to have crossed the line by shouting at him after the game. NL had invited both clubs to investigate. Felixstowe took some action against the person sent off from the side-lines and Sudbury had spoken to the coach and the 1s team squad, however the umpires account was disputed. NL decided he was happy with both clubs investigations and no further action would be taken at this stage.   


3.      Finance – All issued fines received and paid.


4.      League Manager Report


4.1            RN (EML Prem A and B) - Congratulated City of Peterborough on winning the East MenÕs League Premier A division and will now be promoted back to the National League. All the committee echoed Russell in wishing them well. The division was a serious competition between City of Peterborough and St Albans, with the title being decided on the last day of the season. RN also wished to record that Andy Bowskill of St Albans had stood down as St Albans 1st team manager. Andy had been involved in the club for a very long time and his knowledge and experience will certainly be missed.

4.2            CD (EWL Prem and 4WN) – Ipswich had won the East WomenÕs League by a 9-point margin and since Christmas had dominated the League and will now be promoted back into the Investec National League. This was particularly pleasing as it was a great shock when Ipswich had come back into the East League. Thankfully progress has been made at the club and have come out the other side. The committee agreed with Christina in wishing Ipswich well. Div. 4NWN, major congratulations to all teams as there were no conceded games.

4.3            KS (EWL 4& 5NWS) – Cosmetic issues surrounding team sheets, in one week though fined 3 teams for late teamsheets, all paid.

4.4            ML (EML 7&8SE) – Generally a good season, 1 game awarded towards the end of the season.

4.5            SF (EML6-8SW) – 6SW and 8SW fine, but 7SW had issues, with Harpenden withdrawing and Luton Town 3 v Southgate Pitchers being played at the 3rd time of asking. Catalogue of disasters, with petrol money being paid by Luton Town.

4.6            SM (EWL – 2NE) – Very few issues but highlighted an issue with Norwich Dragons who wanted to select a 1st X1 player in a re-arranged game and protested vehemently after being told no. Player had been in headlines for being 1st X1 star player, had played repeatedly for 1st X1 and still they tried to argue that SM was not being fair. The committee agreed that Sarah had done the right thing, not only by the rules but the spirit of the rules.

4.7            CP (EML 9SW & 9/10SE) -  Had a suspicion that in the re-arranged games the top 3 teams got a bloody nose from other clubs maybe strengthening their teams, although couldnÕt be proved (and there had been no complaints either!). Had to award a game against Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets had been playing Havering, won 11-0. Tower Hamlets had informed Havering prior to the game that they were struggling to find an umpire, found a person who has been vastly experienced in the game (but on investigation found out he was not a qualified club umpire assessed/unassessed) and Havering raised complaint. CP informed ELMC that from a personal view Havering were not moving inside the intended spirit of the game as they knew the position. Had Tower Hamlets cancelled the game due to lack of umpires CP would have asked the game to be replayed.

A situation between Maldon and Saffron Walden was resolved by a long friendship between 2 fixture secretaryÕs putting sense before a team claiming points.

4.8            RMalone (EML 6NEN/NES) – No significant issues, but RM reported that it seemed likely that Ipswich Cranes would survive as a club, they had been struggling at the base of 5NE. The committee joined RM in hoping this would come the case.

4.9            All other League Managers present reported that there were no significant issues since the last meeting.


5.      Umpires – Feedback forms about umpire/team performance will be used in ERHUA appointed games for the 2018/19 season.


6.      Discipline


6.1            Cards



Red 17/18

Red 16/17

Yellow 17/18

Yellow 16/17












                  Figures reducing due to green cards being used and seen as a deterrent.

6.2            There is 1 red card with a split suspension. Ketsn Malhotra will be suspended from the start of the season until 22/10/18.

6.3            5 players received 4 yellow cards (Humphries – COP, Johnson – Harleston Magpies, R Wright – March Town, Byford – Old Southendian, Fell – Shefford and Sandy). 3 players received a 5 (Berry – Lowestoft Railway, Holden-White – Wapping and Welcher – Wisbech, it was also noted that Welcher received a red card too).


7.      AGM and Presentation Day

7.1            Return of trophies – Most trophies returned. Deadline reset due to end of season being extended and club members, rightfully, concerned on getting matches played. Sevenoaks had written to say they had lost a trophy (Post Meeting Note – Trophy has now been found!). Deadline for receipt is 20th April, after which fines will be levied.

7.2            Letchworth booked for 3rd June. League Tables will be printed and framed by SF. RN requested that with invitations to Season Presentation Day mention is made of buffet, as in previous couple of seasons too much food was left over. Invitations will be sent out before the end of April.


8.      Next season New Rules

8.1            Season start for short teamed leagues – wording from previous meeting agreed

8.2            OverseasÕs Players rule from EH – Both EML and EWL Premier Leagues must reflect those of National League. National League is changing so our rules must change to:

Rule 3.3, at any time two players may be registered who would not comply with the current England Hockey League definition of eligible overseas players. Failure makes a team ineligible for promotion into the national league. (The EHL regulations are available on the England Hockey website).

8.3            Temporary Rules re promotions/relegations for 2018/19 season – To reflect the change in National League for 18/19 season RMunns had been asked to look at promotions and relegations for 1 season only. Changes largely accepted, except 1 relegation from MenÕs premÕs and best 3rd placed positioned team in NWN/NWS, NEN/NES (i.e. bottom divisions in NW/NE quadrants) to be introduced.   

8.4            No ELMC member had indicated that they wish to come off the committee for next season, which is great news! However, RMunns is on his travels so a League Manager for 3-5SW would be helpful.


9.      Any Other Business

9.1            Sally Tippen wished to express her thanks to all the ELMC for their arduous work during the season, she knew that all members were volunteers and gave up considerable time to carry out their role.

9.2            NL asked ELMC for their permission to start preparations on a club day. Most committee members felt that there had been a decline in knowledge in clubs, and this was not just regarding League rules and deadlines. A decline in pitchside behaviour. NL proposed a mandated club day, with 4 to be held across the region. The club day would be attended by senior club members. NL proposed the day be branded jointly under England Hockey and the Region to highlight the hockey family principle, in that all the issues affected us all. The format would go: Introduction, England Hockey, East Region, East League, East Umpires and lastly a general chat. The day would last no more than 2.5 hours and the clubs would be sent away with a consolidated calendar of deadlines and a resource pack so that clubs would know what is expected of them. NL added that he had been in contact with Rich Beer, Development Director at England Hockey, who was keen to trial this. ELMC were overwhelmingly in favour. Suggested a huge fine for non-attendance and suggested the day be branded under the East League as it commanded very high respect around the Region. NL to pull together the agenda and NL informed that he needed to do this quickly and needed the involvement of all the committee. All agreed to help. It was noted that a rule change would be required under either East League/East Region. East League might be the easiest in Section 2.

9.3            There being no other business the meeting closed. Next meeting will be agreed following the AGM.