Minutes of the East League Management Committee

held on Thursday 27th September 2018 at The Novotel Hotel, Stansted


Ali Smyth


Kishor Shah


Russell Nutter


Andy Bourke


Marc Lloyd


Sarah Farmer


Barry Harness


Nicola Wilkes


Sarah Mann


Chris Perry


Phil Churchman


Shaun Dewing


Christina Dewing


Pritpal Sagoo


Vicky Benedikz


David Burt


Richard Malone


David Roberts


Jade Bloomfield


Rosemary Prince


Richard Munns




1                Apologies

Apologies were received from Ali Smyth, Jade Bloomfield, Marc Lloyd, Nicola Wilkes, Phil Churchman, Sarah Farmer, and Sarah Mann


2                Introductions

RP (as Chair), welcomed Andrew Bourke to the East League Management Committee as a New League Manager. Each League Manager introduced themselves to Andy. RP reminded all that when acting as a member of the East League Management Committee you should leave club loyalty behind and should act within the scope of the East League rules and the spirit of fair play.


3                Correspondence

An email had been received addressed to many from Nik Bentley, Chair of Hertford with a concept for both an East Junior Development League junior and junior competitions. Both RP and NL only thought it fair to discuss the thought of a development league, this would be the first opportunity for the committee to discuss it.



       Good concept

       May provide a gateway into hockey

       May encourage more juniors into hockey

       Would not significantly affect League Structure/number of teams entering


       Not considered an East League issue

       Pressures on existing pitches

       Further pressures on existing club volunteers who carry out majority of work within clubs

       North/south divide – clubs geographically closer together in South - clubs in North further apart

       Clubs already use their bottom teams as their development teams

       Already Mercian Junior Development League in place (not bound by region).

       Proposal just looks at Mens,

       Must be outside East League framework as there is an EH restriction on age (minimum age is 13)

       Lincs already have U14/U12 Leagues

       Norfolk Dev League already exists



Grey Areas:

       When would games be played

       Frequency of games (weekly/monthly)

       Make up of teams (ratio adults/juniors)

       Standard of adults are they restricted

       Game length/full games

       How this would fit into existing busy EH calender

       How would this cut across existing arrangements, would clubs with small junior sections be able to combine with other clubs

       Motive for proposal, why now



4                Finance

This year Vicky Benedikz acted as Budget Officer and between her and NL they managed to cajole the League Entry fees out of all clubs with a week to spare. Over 7.6k received. Also NL has been collecting entry fees for the East Indoors, which has also gone well with over 7k collected. Massive thank you to Vicky.


5                League Managers

As only one game played so far no real issues experienced.


Only Wapping Ladies seeking to play 2 unregistered players, following late pull outs of players. Request was declined.


6                Umpires

Discussion regarding Umpires on-line survey for ERHUA appointed games. NL had already written to Premier League clubs to support this, however pointed out this was the ERHUA initiative so was for them to drive.


7                Discipline












RMunns remarked that there was 1 red card suspension carried over from last season and 1 red card issued to an East League club player in a summer league, where the suspension carried over into the League season. NL had written to both clubs to remind them.


8                AGM

Date will be Sunday, 2nd June.

A call went out to clubs wishing to hold the AGM. Letchworth is available again if required.


9                New Rules for the 2019/2020 season

Consideration and thought to be given to changing rule 2.4 so that captains and vice captains details should be provided 7 days before the start of the season.


10             Any other business

10.1                  The pitch at Long Sutton has a dangerous area in one patch of the 25 closest to the changing rooms, very seriously worn out. NL to gain views of the Lincs CHUA and the club. (Post meeting note – Lincs CHUA declared pitch unfit for weekend of 6th October. Club allowed a cancellation as had taken action to try to get pitch repaired. Pitch repairs had been carried out by weekend of 13th October and to date no comments of danger or safeguarding issues since.)

10.2                  Reminder to be sent out to clubs about getting their umpires registration details up to date.

10.3                  Reminder to clubs about ensuring teamsheets were sent so that League Managers could read them with the correct postage. NL to add a news item, however was easier if League Managers liaised with the offenders directly.


With no other business the meeting closed.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 6th December 2018.