Minutes of the East League Management Committee

Thursday, 5th February 2015 held at The London Stansted Hilton.




Andy Barlow


Richard Malone


David Roberts


David Burt


Sarah Mann


Pritpal Sagoo


Christina Dewing


Sarah Mann


Kishor Shah


Shaun Dewing


Richard Munns


Sarah Smith


Barry Harness


Russell Nutter


Ali Smyth


Nick Hoyle


Chris Perry


Henry Wanchoo


Neil Liversedge


Rosemary Prince


Nicola Wilkes






Attendance at the meeting was affected by a serious incident on the M11. Kishor Shah, Barry Harness, Shaun Dewing and Christina Dewing all arrived late as a result. Chair Rosemary Prince expressed her gratefulness that they had arrived safely and had continued to join the meeting.


1.     Apologies – Richard Malone, Ali Smyth, Andy Barlow, Sarah Smith and Nicola Wilkes.


2.     Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1              Discipline at Lowestoft Railway has shown signs of improvement since the last game.


3.     Correspondence

3.1             Since the last meeting the following teams had withdrawn:- University of Essex 2, Ely 4, Upminster 6 and Cambridge South 5

3.2             Indoor Hockey

3.2.1          Concern raised by both City of Peterborough and Bury St Edmunds regarding no cancellations being allowed for junior teams entered into the regional stage of the indoor tournaments. As a result the Competitions committee rescheduled the U18 boys to 3rd January. Committee noted that under the current rules there is no scope to allow such a cancellation.

3.2.2          The u18 boy’s competition was won by Bury St Edmunds, who subsequently were allowed a cancellation for the finals weekend (as per League Rules). They did but unfortunately lost in the semi-finals. Received an email from BSE thanking us for our help and support!

3.2.3          Old Loughtonians Ladies 2nd X1 were allowed a cancellation by misunderstanding in the rule by the League Manager concerned.

3.2.4          16th Feb there will be a liaison meeting with Competitions and Indoor Steering Group for 2015/16 season. RP to attend, hopefully with SM. NL had produced a paper outlining East Leagues objectives. The paper was agreed by the ELMC and would be forwarded to Daphne Menear prior to the meeting for distribution.

3.3.            Complaint Received from ERHUA umpires regarding press reporting by Wisbech Town on a game played 18th October. NL reported that following investigation the report had been written by an individual, not copy read by club. Complaint received on Mon 20th. Same evening the Wisbech Club Chair immediately withdrew the report. The author of the report subsequently wrote an apology to both umpires. Club have changed the match report editorial process and have altered their club membership policy. Umpires accepted the apology and did not feel the need to follow EH Disrepute process. No further action required by ELMC.

3.4             Complaint received from Spalding about a “pre-match” status published by a City of Peterborough player on facebook. On investigating NL was unable to see the comment as the player concerned had a “closed group”which means the comment was not publicly available. The complaint referred to City of Peterborough. Player deleted comment and issued warning on further comments. City of Peterborough Chair wrote an apology to Spalding Chair. Player also issued an apology. As Spalding did not take the matter down the EH Disrepute route and as City of Peterborough managed the issue quickly no further action taken.

3.5             Player loans

3.5.1          NL was approached by Cambridge Uni Ladies to bring a Leicester player in for the months of Dec and Jan for player to transfer back. Due to the intention the transfer was declined

3.5.2          Wapping run a Goalkeeping academy and wondered if there were scope for loaning a goalkeeper out due to them having too many keepers. This was aimed purely at the lower end of the game. After debate the committee decided not to take this proposal forwards as it could be misused by other clubs, particularly in the EHL winter break.

3.6             Newly adopted rules by the FIH being used only at EHL level. Rules not flowing through to regional leagues as yet. EH have been canvassing clubs and regions for their thoughts on the news rules. Feedback given via on-line questionnaire.

3.7             Double transfers – A club has tried to transfer back 2 players, who transferred out during the season. Rule 3.3 states that this cannot happen. Club was notified pro-actively. Club had appealed against one of the transfers not being authorised. (Post meeting note – the appeal was unsuccessful).

3.8             The Leys School Cambridge due to Legal dispute with local residents have cancelled all non-school activities. Mainly affects Cambridge City games at the senior end. RN and PS both requested it be noted the first class way Cambridge City had handled this problem at short notice.

3.9             HW/NW received an email from an Essex umpiring coach regarding the condition of the lines at Brentwood’s Beckets Key pitch. Both NL and NW have written to Brentwood who are aware of the problem and the pitch provider have committed to rectify. Will monitor.

3.10           Letter received from Lincs HA about EWL 3NWN. Basically wanting the proposal for 3NW to be a Cambs/Lincs combined league and 4NWN and 4NWS. Agreed that NL would again communicate with clubs to determine the best way forwards.


4.     Playing Matters

SM             Clubs not being as good as they should in re-organising games cancelled due to the weather. A brief discussion took place about her using her ability to void a game if clubs could not come to a sensible arrangement.

NH             Issue in a Vauxhall/West Herts, where a club did not go back for teas. Rule 4.10 to be invoked.

PS              Investigating an incident of teams strengthening teams, where their more senior teams had had a game postponed. PS was also investigating a team for potentially playing unregistered players.

RP              Lots of cancellations due to the weather.

KS              One team found to have doubled a player up, seemingly confusing the doubling up/bench player ruling. Has suggested to the club they involve their League Manager more as there does seem to be a shortfall in understanding of the rule

AS              A report was sent prior to meeting. Division 6NWS not down to 7 teams, meaning clubs in the Division will only have 12 games. Frustration of clubs in the division were understandable, however the number at the start of the season had been higher but with withdrawal of Ely 4 and Cambridge South 5 had brought us to the current state.


5.     Finance

5.1             £200 in fines had been received, plus £120 cheque on deposit due to appeal submission.


6.     Umpiring

6.1             On behalf of the ELMC, Barry Harness had been carrying out a survey of County HUA’s in regard to current umpire lists to try to prove how effective the current Rule 5.2 was. Found that largely CHUA’s had good records of current umpires and their grades. Club lists though were badly out of date. It was agreed that between seasons the club umpires list would be cleared and clubs would be required to re-enter their umpires. Also some re-wording of 5.2 would be required.  

7.     Discipline

         7.1             RM reported that red and yellow cards received to date were:













7.2             RN asked if the current level of games prior to a suspension (3 yellow cards) was set too low. As League Manager for Prem A and B, which has quarter of all cards issued, the ban entry point seemed low. A discussion followed as to the reason why so many cards were issued at the higher level and why cards were reduced lower down. Generally agreed the entry point could be too low and NL tasked with a proposal, perhaps mirroring the National League, for discussion and agreement at next meeting.


8.     Next Season and Rule Changes

8.1             Proposed dates for next season 19th September through to 5th December, then 9th January through to 19th March with a break on 20th February                 

8.2             Handbook Omissions. In the League handbook no appeal process had been printed. Reference made to this on the League website.


9.   AGM and Presentation Day

9.1             Once again to be hosted by Letchworth HC on 7th June. NH to look after the trophies, SS to look after the League tables. Reminder about trophies to be posted on League website in early March.


10.   ERHA AGM, SGM and Management Meeting

         No report, next meeting 5th March 2015.


11.   Any other Business

         There was no Any Other Business


12.   Date of next meeting

12.1           Date of next meeting Thursday, 16th April