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Match venue and times update system: Part 1

These pages provide the facility to add and edit details of the venues and times of all your home matches. If you want to see details of times and venues that have already been added to the website, follow the link above. 
To assist umpiring pools plan appointments, all home clubs in EML and EWL must provide details of match venues and times for their maches in all divisions by the start of the season for all games up to Christmas, and by Nov 30th for all games after Christmas. To input data you will need your club password as issued to your Club and/or League Liaison Officer. This is the same password as used to access the Club Update page.  If you do not have the password please email the webmaster for help.
To start the process, insert your club password in the appropriate box below and click the corresponding Enter button. This will take you to pages from which you can select the team and match for which you wish to provide or amend venue and start time information.  To edit a previous entry, you simply enter new details for the same match.  This will overwrite the earlier entry.  All edits are date stamped.

N.B. If match arrangements change as the season progresses, you can update venues & times accordingly. However, you must not rely on this as your only means of communicating the change. Any changes made after the start of the season must also be notified to your opposition and umpires by traditional means - telephone, email, or letter. Again, do not rely on sending a notification or leaving a message about the change - ensure that you have an acknowledgement from all parties.

Feb 2014:  some changes have been made to the system, notably an improved method for inputting a change of match date, after a postponement for example. If you find any difficulties with the new forms, please seek advice from the webmaster


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