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East Region Hockey Umpires Association
The East Region Hockey Umpires Association coordinate umpiring activities across the Region, liaising closly with all of the County Hockey Umpiring Associations, and providing a development pathway for umpires and their appoiuntments.  The ERHUA Pool provides umpires for the top divisions of the East Men's and Women's Leagues.  Details of the current ERHUA Management Committee and meeting dates are given below.   Full information on all of the Association's activities and responsibilities can be found on the ERHUA website: 
go to East Umpires website

County Hockey Umpire Associations
The County Associations provide development and qualification opportunities for Club umpires.  County Pools provide umpires for Divisions 1 and 2 in the East Men's and Women's Leagues, cover shortfalls in umpire provision from ERHUA, and provide Level 1 courses for prospective umpires. Details of County CHUA contacts and websites can be found on the County Associations pages (via the erha link above)
Peter  Halliday  
peter.halliday@lineone.net 01582 761658 07881 836320 ( M ) peter.halliday@lineone.net
Barry  Smith  
01582613550 (H) 07885 742512 (M) barrykevinsmith@msn.com
Mary  Baker  
01787 248078 mary@bakerhockey.freeserve.co.uk
Tim  Martin  
01733 333650 timcmartin6@aol.co.uk
Chief Coach and Chair, Coaching & Development Sub-Committee:
Grant  Douglas  
01799 520085 (H) 07787 161887 (M) 01799 513030 (Sch) gdouglas@swchs.net
Chairman, Assessment and Appointments Sub-Committee:
Ray  Allum  
01206 576934 ray.allum@btinternet.com
Elected Member:
Alan  Baker  
01787 248078 07702 869325 (Weekend) alan@bakerhockey.freeserve.co.uk
Elected Member:
Alan  Budd  
01480 812306 (H 07780 670364 (M) alan.budd@martindales.biz
Elected Member:
David  Hill  
0923 670776 ( H ) 07770 440880 dave@compleit.co.uk
Elected Member:
Peter  Lemon  
01553 844572 (H) 01553 841044 (O) 07831 312772 (M) peter@middaggs.co.uk
Cambs Representative:
David  Roberts  
01799 530260 (H) 07980 606157 (M) david.roberts4@btconnect.com
Essex Representative:
Miles  Dowdell  
01708 740919 (H) 07890 758271 (M) miles.mac.ump@btinternet.com
Kent Representative:
Jason  Davies  
07779 796425 (H) 07816 979549 (O)
Lincs Representative:
Stuart  Birkett  
01427 718222 (H) 01427 676619 (O) 07837 771504 (M) stuartbirkett@hotmail.com
Norfolk Representative:
Mason  Wright  
07932 877541
Suffolk Representative:
Steve  Mayhew  
01449 771231 (H) 07813 722021 (M) hoci.ump0854@hotmail.co.uk
Committee meetings:  Red Lion Hotel:12th Oct, 7th Dec, 16th Mar
AGM: 15th June 2017
Grant Douglas(Chair), Stuart Birkett, Mary Baker
Ray Allum (Chairman) Alan Budd, Debbie Garner, Peter Halliday, Andy Meacher, Jack Warner
ex-officio Peter Halliday, Barry Smith
Chairman, East Regional Young Umpiring Action Group
Paul  Watts  Robins Way, Davids Way, Benington, Boston PE22 0BZ
01205 760330 (H) wattspaulj@gmail.com
Representative to East Leagues
Mary  Baker  
01787 248078 mary@bakerhockey.freeserve.co.uk
League Umpire Appointments Co-ordinator
Bev  Budd  
01480 812306 b.budd@hotmail.co.uk
Non-League Umpire Appointments Secretary
Chris  Row  
07930 492457 (M) chris.row@btinternet.com
Colin Burton, Jackie Gibbs, Peter Halliday, Allan Holliwell, Richard Munns, Liz Pelling, Peter Stiven, Mike Trett, Gill Waple, John Whitehead